Action step are you doing them

i will explain why you need action steps and what they are then i will end with actions steps im doing for my current business.

Action step are what you do with the information you read,see, and listen too in fact while over all this is about even with the rest of the business most people i have notice have a hard time useing these step.

Basical if you read about how to use lets say the 4 hour work week 80/20 rule and it say’s this “80% of the consequences flow from 20% of the causes, 80% of the results comes from 20% of the effort and time etc.” So using that information action steps would look something like this (action step one)find the 20% of the problems that are causeing me 80% of the problems. (action step two)same thing what 20% of my effort are giveing me 80% of my result and work on that.

Now the why you need action steps easy with out them you will not get anywhere’s with what you want.

my current actions step for business is:

put links to other business sites on this blog

setup a survey asking people about there business needs

talk to other marketers about posting my site too there list

post survey

take what i learned from the survey and create/find products that meets the needs of the people

then apply what i learned too my current business model and my next business model


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