i have always had a problem in this area when it came to business i said well business needs money.

then as i moved along i notice the things that i though i needed money in i found out that the money was not the problem the problem was the fact that i did not have the skills, or the knowledge to do that (does that make sense.)

so as i started out developing a online money system i though i had it up and running in about 5mins and by the end of the month i would have at least $5000 a month in residental income coming in. (Residental income is money that comes in every month and you dont need to do a lot of work for it)

that did not work too well i lost money over and over again i would get the new tech and say yes this is the answer too my problems but it ended just adding too my problems.

now dont get me wrong the tech would proble work great in a money genarateing system but seperate it just dont work that well

now you are looking at the above and saying huh what does that have too do with mindsets.

Eazy my business mindset now is not to make a $5000 a month but too

1. devlope a money system that
a. i can do over and over again (very important for differnt business)
b. it must be viral it must be abile too infect the target market with a virus like quickness
c. make me after tax/business expances/etc a net of at least $10’000 from each business my system infects

so my mind set changed from hey lets make extra money for myself which fell apart every time too develop a life system that i dont have to kill myself over

some key tips for getting your mind set on

1. is there somthing so important that you must have money for whatever reason (wife, husban, chield etc

2. dont focus on the money so much that you forget to build the foundasion

well that about it some of my though’s on mindsets and how too get a clear one when it comes to business or anything for that matter.

Making Money By Building Your MasterMind this plays into build your mindset by building your team


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