not sure where to begain so i will just begain

the title of the post basicly sumes up the 23 years that i have own one business or another

my first business when i was 10 yrs old was a mower for other people yards

i belive my second business at that time was the 6 figure MML business that business never really got off the ground because i could not understand it

after that it was

ebay (i have had some luck with this one i have been able too make at lest $1000 a month but at last not every month)

dollor store online

travel business online

6 figure mml business (yep same one)

clickbanks (i know this works just because of how it is set up but i have yet too make any money with out spending more money than i need too)

as too why i started this blog well i have several reasons i like to dicuess several things to several differnt people and business happens to be one of those items. So i guess it natural evolved into wanting too do a blog about what im doing and going through in business right now.

another reason is simple by writing it i may understand myself and others a little better and that will help me develop better business skills

i also hope that it may help others in there quest for building a better business well that about it i will tell more about myself at a later date. my next post is going to be about why i dont want/need a job all year around and no im not wealth enough to not have to work yet the answer my suprise you

btw Eben who has his on system Gurumastermind and i like too past along this little video from his site and i hope that it helps Mangaging your time


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