why i want a personal hand off business

it seems sometimes that the whatever you whant too call it has it in for you some days. for me it is a combine attack the weather, sinus, allergy, and days that i have no energy at all.

lets start with sinus every since i remeber i have felt very bad durning the summer months sneezeing, watery eyes, headach, belly just turning flip flops. but the worst part is when i get a headach in the eye’s the pain becomes so great that i have too lay down and not get back up after i take some meds for sinus im ok after awhile but it comes back only after a few hours or the next day and im back at it again lol same with the allergy’s as well.

as for the no energy times i feel that maybe sinus/weather realted but i have not proved it yet.

another reason that i am working towards this is so that i have more time with my friends, family, and my customers now that does not mean running away from business but realiseing that business should be fun as well as work check out what i mean here http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/


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