twinking your body’s system: supplements

the main reason why i take anything beyond what i eat or drink is because of what humans have put into the enviroment and im not talking about if it was on purpose or not but it does have a effect on your health and that of those around you.

In some area’s of the usa there are so much bad stuff in the air, water, and land that it cause birth problems, sore’s as well other things that are not good for you. now supplements by themself’s will not cure you of this problem. Nope the only cure is too get rid of the thing that is causeing the problem but taking supplements help off set some of the problems and can help you live a better healther life.

i also want too say this that supplements should only be took as part of a greater action step towards better living and beside it is more than that way no, if you say hey being this more healther i can play with my kids, rock climb etc.

as i end this blog here is a website that provides some info as well as the products for a healther life better life


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