debt how it effect’s my life and what you can do about it

now this is not a call for help for me although any help you can give me would help me but i hope by me talking about my debt may help you to not make the same mistake or may help you look at your debt diffently.

let me start off by saying totaly i owe 22k ($22’000) in debt as of today i have come up with several differnt ways too handle the debt as of today but let me start by breaking down the debt first too show you what i have put the debt into frist then show you what im doing to get out of it and stay out of it.

the debt is broking down too three area’s

One: business in this area i used the credit i had and have to buy learning tools, to travel to events, websites that i put up, etc

 two: for myself videogames, food, magazine, etc

three: dont know this credit just dissappered (well not really i just dont know where it went)

now as for my system of getting out of debt is, this is not that hard also

step one: find out how much debt you have period

step two: how much intrest are you paying a month

step three: now divide of the total about of debt by how many months you want too pay it off by (plz do not put somthing like 22k in three months unless you have the option to pay it off in two months.) i would not go any lower than a year with anything higher than 10k why i will explain next.

step four: this step is part of step three or the next phase of step three lets take how much debt i have 22K by dividing it by 12 i get 10 months of $2000 and two months of $1000 and in one year im debt free.

step five: DO NOT PUT ANYMORE MONEY ON CARDS, unless you are prepared with step 6

step six: if you must use a credit card (notice i said one here) have the money in the bank or whatever and pay that sucker off now get this by doing that you can use the credit cards as much as you want but still are not adding to your balance.

Step seven: rinse and repeat

there are some more advance step to the process such as how to speed up the process as well as other things but for right now these step will help you a lot.



One response to “debt how it effect’s my life and what you can do about it

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