list building

For me it about meeting people that i can help and that can help me right now with my current business it is find 500 people who can benifit from what i have too say then 1000,2000,5000,10’000,50’000,100’000,500’000,1’000’000 people now you can do the math for that.
also this is not about the numbers per say either because i want the above numbers to reflect how people react to me as well, heck even no i need and love to have money right now (in between jobs and business) i would wait a year because i know just by doing this build up a list of people who want what i have too sell that money will not be a problem heck just image what if you had somthing with 100’000 people monthly coming there too see what you have too say.
heck if you just got 1% of the 100’000 that would be 10’000 and 1% of that is 1000 people that would buy your product lets say it is 1000 X $50 that would be $50’000 in your pocket heck would you wait 6months i would although you still need real world data to see what that % might really be.


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