my story: allergy’s how they have a big impact on what i do part 2

well im back for more k this is starting to remind me of a revolving door of pain grrr. so any way’s went to the doctor today and he put me on allergy D so i will be trying that plus some fluticasone nasal spray i am researching other ways too min’s my sinsus problem.

1. i learned that it maybe become very bad if a storm front moves in

2. i learned that a certain med’s i have been taking might have sideeffect

wishing i was with Kimberly in greeze right now instead of this (hopefully she will not hunt me down and try to inflect body harm on me for that) here is her website i just watch it for the food and other things……you belive that right….right? Jetsetlife

anyways plz leave any comment or question for me thx


3 responses to “my story: allergy’s how they have a big impact on what i do part 2

  1. This is Kimberly from Jet Set Life…no bodily harm inflicted and I’m still in Greece. I’ve got great blogs from Mykonos and Santorini coming up on My Jet Set Life.

  2. Do you have just environmental allergies, or do you also have food allergies. Food allergies can cause nasal congestion and headaches just like environmental allergies can. Also, irritants such as chemical cleaners, smoke, perfumes, car exhaust, etc. can irritate the nasal passages and cause nasal and sinus congestion and sneezing. I hope you are able to find relief soon. And thanks for visiting my blog!

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