now i have played city of hero’s and city of vill i have really enjoyed the game so now that marvel mmo is done im enjoying what i see with DC MMO i have a few problems with the game.

well the first thing is the lack of video’s on the game play it took me forever too find the few video’s i do find and that do not tell me must about the game play.  which im still unsure also about the way you gain level’s in the game it is suppose too be more of a action game beside a more lvl up with exp how that works i dont know.

k now for the good stuff 1.) video one in this video they talk alot of about the mindset that goes into the game how things are set up some of what you will be doing and who is developing the MMO gratz Jim LEE if your are unfamilor with Jim LEE work click on linky.

2.) video two now i like this video i like this video because it shows a lot of game play we get to play in the bat cave enough said. although i do enjoy seeing the three flash’s at 00:41 mins and i do enjoy the fact you can fight or join either side.

well that about it for the post like i said not much game play footage yet will be nice too see some more


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