Starting your own blog

so you want to blog weather for money or not i have not been blogging for long about three weeks so i dont know everything  there is to know about blogging yet but i have found a few things that are intresting.

1.) you can blog just about anything and people will come and read or watch it

2.) blog is best done by bloging (i know WoW right, but you would not belive how many people miss that)

3.) video is becomeing a very big thing

as you will see below that just about anything can and will be blogged about weather it is like this or what about this sex O.o as well as this anime as you can see if you have somthing that comes up from how you feel. (word of warning think what you are going to say) to something in a video game.

You have to blog, yep you can talk about somthing all you want but if you dont take action nothing will come from it. for instance lets say you want too make money through your blog well one way too do that is to convert a % of your views into paying customers.

how would you do that step one, could be write or video somthign that get’s people going I.E. the war in iraq maybe you offer troops a way to keep in touch with home more offten. As long as it is a problem for people it can be solved another exsample is start a blog about energy and get people exsited about how they can get out of gas car’s.

A video blog is simple a blog that you use video instead of writing it out very simple and easy of use. athough i have not used video for my blog yet i have started by putting other video’s into my blog as i get use too it.  VLOG 1 k this next one is……..special but he tells you several usefull things VLOG 2 the next video shows you how to Optimize your blog for the search engines VLOG 3.

 well i hope that helps you in getting started blogging and or Vlog check back in a few days and i should have more for you.


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