videogames as a social market tool?

i know what your going say what does video games have too do with social marketing, your also proble saying i understand the social part of it you get togather and you play video games but what does that have too do with marketing.

a list of social marketing tool’s looks somthing like this:

1. myspace

2. facebook

3. bloging

etc they are ways too comune with the rest of the world very fast so with those i also add gaming to mix k let me walk you through how a game would genarate a lot of social for you these are more advance tech just meaning you dont rush it and just start small.

“You walk into the office building and look around you see a soft drink machine on your left a couple of bench’s with people on your right and a security desk in front of you a tip lead you too this office building saying that some of the answer’s you are looking for are there. You approuch the desk asking if this person was there the secruity looks at you funny” you get the jest of it now how many ways of marketing your name did you see there.

take a guess without reading anymore…………………………………………………………………………………………………

well i count at least a 1000 differnt ways too market yourself in the game world

1. where is the office building located lets say you left the street name alone and the city name alone

2. what is the name of the office building what about the John Reese building which when you click on the website he talks about web 2.0 what we are talking about here lets move on.

3. your in the building what about the softdrink machine could it be a John Reese thing as well you bet now it might not say john reese but there are ways around that

4. what about the bench we advirtise in the real world on bench’s i dont see us not advirtise in the game world what about those people what are they wearing, hat’s, pants etc and there is yet another canves for your marketing.

5. what about the secruity guards what if the worked for John Reese and the reason they looked at you funny was because the person who you talked too was you guessed it John Reese 

6. last but not least what if you had a working display of your business somewhere’s in the game like say a John Reese 2.0 web display

now a noob (im using it not to insult anyone but to show a point) a noob to marketing would do this paste John Reese all over the place and make people not want to play the game. see just like any other marketing you have too blend it into the world make it invisiable notice how the Museum and the Sera Korea blend into the background.

in the end oh it is just a tool for you too use if you want if you dont then you dont need to use that tool i will talk more on this later.


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