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well i get a lot of email’s about making and keeping money to work for you well i came across this email today and decide too pass it on here is a portion of the link.

Want to get on the fast-track to Income-For-LifeTM?

“The Amazing Moneymaking Secret Of A Desperate New York City Street Kid Who’s Deeply Grateful To His Deadbeat-Dad

    Joshua D. Shafran
    Tuesday, 1:11 PM

Dear New Secrets to Bridge the Millionaire Gap Member,

     It was December 26th and my Dad hands me a check for $125.00 and says “I got a Christmas Eve ‘gig’ that I wasn’t expecting and I want you to have it since I didn’t give you a birthday gift the last few years.”

     Sure, it was a nice gesture. But I’d been there so many times before with him that I was the poster-child for disappointment. So, I told him: “Thanks Dad, but you should keep it because you need it more than I do.”

     But he insisted. So I took it (although I didn’t deposit it for a couple of weeks because that little voice inside told me not to). Then, about a month later I get “The Call” from dear old dad. He says: “Remember when you told me that I should keep that check because I needed more than you did… well, it turns out you were right and I need it back.”

     That really sucked! I was crushed.

     See, my dad was a professional musician (“was” because the lifestyle killed him about 15 years ago). He was a great friend, but he certainly wouldn’t win any “Father of the Year” awards. He was actually proud of his parenting skills the day he made me promise him that I’d drop Acid with him the first time if (yes, the dangerous drug) that I would do it with him!

     The sad part is that he could have had it all. Riches. Fame. Respect. Fulfillment. Freedom. The whole enchilada…

     A New York Times critic called him a “dazzling trumpeter” and he played with greats like John Lennon, Tito Puente, Count Basie, Bob Dylan, The Band (he’s probably on some records in your collection right now).  But in spite of all that , he always struggled with money. Struggled to get it. Struggled to keep it. There’s no nice way to put it: he was a deadbeat who constantly disappointed those closest to him.

     Anyway, by a strange twist of fate, one of his broken promises to me actually…

Made Me Rich
(and, might just be YOUR
lucky break too)…

     Life changed for me in that moment. I decided then and there that I was either going to figure out how to get rich or die trying (and… if I ever decided to have kids, I would make sure that I put keeping my word and empowering them above everything else in the world). It was…

One Of Those
“Defining Moments”
That Changes Your Life
Forever… In An Instant!

     The decision was made. No turning back… not for ‘ole Joshie boy. But HOW? That’s when the cold harsh reality hit me… I Had No Frigg’in Clue!

     See, I wasn’t just broke. I was desperate. So, I did what any self respecting street kid would do… I looked for the shortcuts.

     You can’t survive on the streets without knowing the shortcuts (or the business streets too, for that matter). But there’s a dangerous (yet seductive) trap you have to watch out for with shortcuts: Never look for shortcuts when you have “desperation” written all over your face because the ones you’ll find will all be crap! But, that’s not the dangerous part. See, if you’re at all like me, when you find yourself in “desperation mode” you’ll talk yourself right into believing almost anything. Suddenly the most cockamamie fairytales, snake oil scams, schemes and outright cons seem to become real…

Even when you KNOW
you are being LIED to!

     Desperation robs us of clear thinking. At least it does me. I tried EVERYTHING. Answered every ad in the back of those magazines…. ordered everything I could afford (and whole lot more I couldn’t) from the 3 AM infomercials… went to every “free” seminar and found out they weren’t so free as I ran to the back of the room to spend thousands of dollars.

     You name it, I tried it. Yes, all the legit ones (like Real Estate Investing, flipping discounted mortgages, direct marketing, stock trading systems, bi-weekly mortgages, Internet), as well as the scummy ones that have no way on God’s green earth of ever working. I didn’t discriminate. If it said I could get rich with it, I tried it. Been there, done that and bought the T-Shirt!

     Do you recognize any of these: Make money from home stuffing envelopes. Or the one where this guy is just so swamped with business that he’ll “hire” you (after you pay him to be “Trained”). Or what about the one with the picture of the sexy woman in the black miniskirt who said: “Use Me And Get Rich!” I even tried the “Secret Forms” deal (that’s where they were going to teach me how to get these special forms that every time someone completed one I’d get paid). Yup, I fell for that one (hey, like I said, desperation does funny things to your judgment).

     And, oh, let’s not even talk about the water filters, vitamins and magic potion “pushers” who load you up with tractor trailer trucks full of inventory (could’ve probably single handedly saved a small, malnourished third-world country). I found myself thinking…

Why Are The Chips Always
Stacked Against You?

     See, instead of breaking free, I was becoming “a real chip off the ‘ole Deadbeat Dad block!” The 10+ years of banging my head against one wall after another and the tens of thousands of dollars worth of money making programs I bought couldn’t mask the fact that I was 27 with a failed marriage, depressed, and totally alone in a very hot, sticky Florida apartment (which I couldn’t afford).

     I couldn’t even look myself in the mirror.

     Back then, my biggest dream was to get rid of that gut wrenching pain of worry and fear of answering the phone, the door and opening those intimidating “final notice” envelopes from all my “admirers.” Have you ever delivered pizzas in a car with no brakes and a transmission that almost falls out with the slightest bump and can’t be shut off because you’re not sure it will ever start again… all the while crossing your fingers that you’d make enough tips to keep from being homeless and living IN that lovely car?

     It ain’t fun.

     Eating takes a backseat when you’re living like that. Just in case you were wondering, yes, it is possible to live for months eating nothing but those 9-for-a-buck oriental noodle soups for breakfast, lunch and dinner (that’s the only way I could figure out how to survive on only $5 a week for food)….

     One day I was in the super market check-out line and the total came to 5 cents more than I had. I must confess I have never been more embarrassed. The woman behind me in line even offered to give it to me, but my pride wouldn’t let me accept the lousy nickel. I stormed out leaving the groceries sitting on the belt, went without food, and started shopping at a new supermarket to avoid reminding myself of the shame, pain and raw anger I felt.

     But don’t cry for me, because as you’ve already figured out, my story does have a very happy ending (and, in fact, once I made this breakthrough, it took less than 18 months to go from a deep in debt, penniless “mooch” begging meals from friends… to… having money flood to you so fast you have to schedule special trips to the bank to have extra deposit slips printed). Just wait until the first time YOU write a $63,000.00 check from your personal checking account without batting an eye. It’s amazing the peace of mind that comes when money pours in faster than you can spend it… as good as you think that will feel, it’s a BILLION times better than you can possibly imagine now. Maybe you’ll see (and possibly sooner than you think, too).

     More on that in a minute. But first, you need to understand something very important…

The Misunderstood Force That Controls Your
Freedom And Attracts (Or Repels) Every Dollar
You Will
Ever Make, Keep Or Lose:

     Stick with me for a second because I’m not talking about some magic spell or any mumbo-jumbo like that. No, what I’m talking about is a simple moment in time. A “Defining Moment” — Now, there are huge defining moments (like when the Doctor puts the most beautiful baby you’ve ever set eyes on in your arms and says: “Here’s your daughter, Joshua”) and there are seemingly small ones that direct your life in a powerful way but aren’t so obvious (like the first time you took a drag of a cigarette to be cool…. or the first time you didn’t).

     See, all defining moments shape the very course of our lives… but… sometimes the control they have over your destiny is clear (like my decision to be rich) and sometimes its control isn’t clear because the influence they have on you happens on a subconscious level (like, selecting a school to go to because your boyfriend was going there but telling yourself it was because it was the best school for what you wanted to study).

     The question isn’t IF you’ve experienced these moments… You can’t stop ’em. You have these “Defining Moments” all the time (sometimes they have a “Positive” effect on the direction of your life and other times a “Negative” one)…

     Maybe for you one was the way you learned to tie your shoes or the first time you rode a bike without training wheels. Or when you stood up to the school bully (or didn’t and always regretted it). Won (or lost) the big game for the team. The first time you had sex. Tried a new business and failed. Got the job. Didn’t get the raise. The first time you saw the original Wizard of Oz with the Wicked Witch of the West (man, did that green, long nose, wart infested, crackly voice, creepy thin finger witch scare the snot out of me as a kid… to this day, I refuse to watch it, or any other scary movie).

     Anyway, the point is that the life you’re living right now (the amount of money you have, where you live, the car you drive, the clothes you wear, what you do for work, etc.) is actually a sum total of all the defining moments you experienced and what you’ve decided they meant to you...

Is This Your Defining Moment Of Freedom,
Wealth and Income For Life

     Not everyone who reads this special report is ready for the money making breakthroughs I’m revealing here. Sure, everyone thinks they are, but the truth is most are not.

     It never seems to fail: Only 2 people (sometimes 3) in every 10, who think they are ready, really are. But, here’s the exciting news… if you are one of the ones who’s truly ready, then you will look back on this as your defining moment… the moment that made you rich beyond your wildest dreams.

     OK, so let’s get down to business so you can see if you’re ready for this breakthrough…

     Since you’re still reading, if I had to guess, it’s probably a fairly safe assumption that this is not the beginning of your search for financial freedom. Maybe you’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars and years of your life, just like I did, trying everything you could find with little or nothing to show for it either. See, here’s the cold, harsh reality I woke up to that turned things around for me: All the money making deals I tried had one fatal flaw which means that no matter how good they are otherwise, they set you up to lose (how can you win when everyone else has a head-start on you)!

     Let me show you how and why they failed you… and make no mistake about it, they did fail you (even if they did it unknowingly)… no matter what they say, it’s not your fault. Here’s why…

The Fatal Flaw In Every Money Making Plan
I’ve Ever Seen (Even The
“Legit” Ones) — Yet So
Cleverly Hidden You’d Never Know The Real
Reason It’s Not Working For You:

     First, before you’ll understand this fatal flaw, I need to let you in on the truth about making money and getting rich. Ready? The truth simply is: Making money is just a skill.

here is the link

plz post comments and or question you might have


2 responses to “Income for life

  1. Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

  2. Hi,
    Oh, I love those sites that advertise envelope stuffing jobs. What a load of crap! As if anyone is going to hire people to stuff envelopes and pay them great wads of money for the pleasure. Give me a break!
    I’m definitely interested in experiencing my defining moment. I will follow the link above and read more.
    Bye for now,
    Leonard Skinthorpe Jr

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