got a call today that worries me a bit part two

i will get too the X-ray in a sec but like too take a moment for anyone who is going though this or are having problems in there business i hope this free information will help you in your problems by helping giving you some solutions.

first things first stop what your thinking and do this one thing right now, go to the movie place and watch the most funnies movie you can find, go to the movie rental place and rent the most funnies movie you can find, and or watch on TV the most funnies movie you can find.

GO NOW, now why did i have you do that, easy one: get your mind off the problem period and laughter will help in your health in general and to help with your healing even what you think you may have. take for instance the dark spot in my x-ray it could be anything to a bad spot, i had newmouney (i really butchered that word) to cancer but by doing just that one thing i have helped improved my odds.

What this has too do with business is easy when you are faced with something you don’t know about and it could be bad stop worrying about it and do what i laid out above for you. then come back to the problem with out being stressed look at this word here DIS-EASE look familiar that right on some lvl that you can influence.

Your DIS-EASE is just that a DIS-EASE in your body and stress does not help you one bit at least not the bad stress i will get into DIS-EASE and stress a little later on as for my test results to be continued……..


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