How to pay off any amount of debt

im back, i decide to take a short break from writing i was getting writers block =)

so you want to know about how to shrink your debt while increasing your money smarts at the same time. both are the same problems just the other side of the coin. the basics of the system are simple and you will not have to go to some hidden island to learn these.

step one: know how much money you owe to as close as you can get to the exact amount you can be off a few $100 because the system if you follow it will cover that.

step two: know how much they are charging you for interest this of course only applies to the debt that you get charged interest on that is usually Credit Cards.

step three: lets say you owe $30’000 total now for a $1000 a month you will have that paid off in three years, if you pay $3000 a month in a year you can have it paid off don’t forget the interest and unexpected payments. so divide the month’s by how much you owe to come up with how much you want/need to pay a month to get rid of your debt i know what you are thinking that is yea yea i know that but how do i pay it off.

well it would take too long to go into all the detail’s but here is the basics

option one: using the number above start your own business here is a website that will show you something about a business that you though was impossible fourhourworkweek

option two: using the number above create a profioly of paper assets then man to see about that is here madmoney

option three: using the number above invest in real-estate last but not lest richdad

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