play the game save the world

[quote] SUPERSTRUCT – A Sneak Preview of The Final Threat

What does the world of 2019 look like? Find out now.

The full report from the Global Extinction Awareness System is LIVE — and you can read it here for the first time anywhere. Find out exactly why the human species may face extinction by the year 2042 – and what we can do about it.

With this report, the Superstruct Story is just beginning. Two weeks from today, on October 6, 2008, we’ll flip the game switch on. Then it’s YOUR turn to tell the story of 2019 – and to help invent the future.

So read the scenario now… and get ready to start superstructing!

(And if you can’t wait to start participating, join the Superstruct group on Facebook now. See what players are already talking about and planning for the game…) [/quote]

the game starts today i think anyways lets all come up with a way too help solve global problems in a mmo  😀


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