Tweets for Today

  • 17:46 #
  • 17:47 @FSteve woops this looks to be a intresting movie to see #
  • 17:49 i love this tool twitterfox mainly the reason i like it is type and click your done #
  • 17:53 check out my blog at still needs work but one step at a time =) #
  • 17:56 something that I’m doing differently now is this Lifehacking. i learned this from timothy ferriss who has the 4 hour work week. #
  • 17:57 here is the website about lifehacking #
  • 17:57 bah stilling getting use to twitterfox sorry here is the link #
  • 17:58 it has a richjerk add too O.o #
  • 18:01 Extreme Lifehacking: How Timothy Ferriss Conquered TV and Horseback Archery #
  • 18:01 #
  • 18:02 k better step away from the twitterfox #

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