the power of focus what are you focusing on……

Through the next series of post I will be talking about with the help of several people who excel in certain life-hacking skills.
Today we are going to be talking about this pillar is the pillar of razor focus you define what you want or need to the point of being able to reach out and grabbing it in front of you. I’ve notice when I stopped short I usually killed the vision I had after than I get bored, loose focus, end up not caring about the business, dream, etc.

I have also found a few life-hacking tips and tricks to focus myself on these tasks.
One: write it out fully whatever it is you seek write it down in detail some examples would be:
How much does the idea weight How high is the idea
What would it feel like if you could hold it?
Can you take pictures of it or something similar?
Who would benefit that most from it?
How would it change you?
Why do you want it?

Of course that is only some question to get you a going. Now here is some very talented life-hackers had to say on this subject.

First up is:

Tony Robbins a person who i have listen to as he taught me several things now it is your turn check out these video’s

tony robbins explains how to focus.only on youtube

Anthony Robbins: The Power Of Clarity And Purpose


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