Emulate yourself to greatness?

      lets say that one day you get up and suddenly your reminds that you dont have a lot of money or your in debt now as for the money part that depends on WHAT you want to make money from and find the person who is make the money in that niche. Emulate what that person does you want to know how to get rid of debt find the person who has done it already and Emulate them.

    i can here it know your saying BS right it can not be that eazy it not i have better stuff to do with my time than lie too you about this.  besides it not costing you anything to use this information nope nothing just a little time to read what i have too say.

    as for the correct way to use this information that i will leave to your own record keeping to decide what is correct and what is not but i can give some pointers on how to Emulate better and faster.

Tip one: Relax, i know what you are thinking well that bs too not really, see most people get tense like they are ready to fight or somthing turn that into focus on who your Emulating

Tip two: study the person you what to Emulate, how does he or she run the business or take care of debt, what is there marketing system, how is the product made, how do they act are they calm when they need to be and exsited when they need too be.

for a post about Emulating you can not fit everthing in there because you are making a check list of everthing they do and dont do and picking from that

well i hope this post is helpfull i will come back to this in future post because it is that important


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