what i though about as i was getting my teeth clean

             as a beta tester my job is do one thing and one thing only break the system anyway i can now once me and everyone else has a chance to break it if there is nothing left to break then you move on to the next part that you are suppose to break.


my old ebay business

profit: $1000 a month

selling: ps3 and ipods

here is the parts of the system in no pertical order

customer service: i did not do much here since i was low end i was the one answering the phones etc

product: this was simple how can i find products for my ebay business faster, cheaper more often i was concently looking to breaking this system because this is what i had the most problems with and the reason my business fell apart at the end.

your information page:

this is somthing that i broke again and again i started with the headlines and each auction that i tried i did somthing differnt too the headline.  the body was next i usally started with the first sentence by changeing that a lot i ended up creating somthing that would hold my customers again and again.

then i would just repete that a couple of time through out the body and i was always try and break that over and over again.

research:  with this i had to push myself to find better way of getting market information so i would break the system so that i could find the infomation faster and eazer next time.

niches (somthing that is yous and yours along)


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