should Rich Schefren be illegal ?

Richschefren that is his video website i been watching him all day long working on building my business. although i will write this in a new post i will cover some here i was going along working on my journal of business thoughts.

i then seen rich schefren i have read and watch him several times in the past now what he says is very very straight talk about who, what, where, why, and how. which brings me to why i think he should be  illegal unless you go to your doc and get a prescription to even listen too him.

though about ending the post here but i feel a exsample is to be in order: here is just one exsample of why i feel that way

Attention Age Doctrine

(Why the world is getting dumber by the minute… and why you must get smarter fast) that is from the page where you can download this from now if that one thing dont get you exsited well im not sure what will. see by useing the group to your advantage you get paid good money but more than that you create something people need.


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