is a business nothing more than a char you play?

i know what your thinking, does it go somthing like this WTH this guy got to be kiding me he must be in fantasy land or somthing. well stay with me for a little bit and lets see where this rabbit hole goes, now for those of you are are not familor with what is called a MMO it stands for (Massivly multi-player online game).

with that oh if you never played one this infomation will be worthless too you, now if you every played a game like WoW (World of warcraft).

(MMO)   the basic’s are this one) depending on your end goal you will set a long term goal two) you will then set out to the near’s place for quests. three) after you do some of these what comes next is to buy new gear for the next set of challenges, this then repats until you reach your end game although you can still keep working with that char.

( business) the basic’s are this one) what is your goal for your business (no, while you might need money it should not be a end goal why that simple lets go back to the game. do you play a game because you want money? not likly you proble looking to beat somthing in game.

or maybe you are going to become a market king while that involves money, it not about the money but mastering the system. so if you think of your business as a char in a mmo what do you want to do, take care of your family, break the rules that says you cannot do somthing?

two) so where do you go find your quest at eazy your a business person your job, destiny, self etc is to solve problems it dont matters who’s problems they are just that you solve them. now in solveing the problems you have now found your niche or quest.

three) now just like in the mmo you proble need new gear and to learn somethings is office stuff what you need, business system what you need, what about a mentor (or a trainer in wow)

basicly if you repeat those basic steps you will be on your way but DO NOT make the mistake thinking that it there is a lot more and the system i just gave you will change and grow for you or die your choice well it has been a pleasure to talk with you again.

bless you

steve ward

comments questions?


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