what niche im i in?

i give Tim ferriss all the credit for the action steps in the post it is from his book and his blog which you can read book here or blog here

simple im in the niche of life-hacking, what is that you say well it boils down to 3 things one) D is for Definition two) E is for Elimination three) A is for Automation four) l is for liberation.

of course they spell D.E.A.L which is something for this niche that you will love to learn and if you dont like it learn to love.

also you could label it this way, Tim ferriss labeled it this way too
as for what each is: at 57mins he says: deconstruct, streamline and remap any challenge.

Definition: i will use what im doing just for being simple

business-hacking: how to develop a global business system that is not bound by me or im the ghost in the machine could also call this money system-hacking.

Car-hacking: can i build a car that i want and be able to drive it

computer-hacking: no, this not hacking bad guy style this is how far can i take my next computer too

health-hack: how can i improve my health in a shorter time

comments and question welcomed


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