Tweeting while you work

by now you proble heard of tweeting but should you use it or are you useing it for the purpose of what you are tweeting about.   every time you tweet you are telling the world somthing now in most cases it will be about yourself but you can also tweet about any subjust under the sun.

a exsample of this will be lets say you are setting up your launch site with tweeting if you use it to revel a little a day about your end goal to your list of other tweeters. they will then tweet others about it so for and so on.

so lets say you are launching the site/product/etc at the end of the month lets say it is about horses

i figure up too 5 tweets a day

set one: one week

talk about how you can better feed horses

so have up too 25 tweets just on feeding horses

set two: one week

how to groom horses

so have up too 25 tweets just on groming horses

set three: one week

pest that might horses

so have up too 25 tweets just on pest of  horses you can also give away a cure or two

set four: one week

make sure you go over the previous info and point them too your blog and or website and provide a sign up sheet

that it just takes time btw dont forget too check out joelcomm site for twitter power book

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One response to “Tweeting while you work

  1. a great post by Tim Ferris titled the tweet to beat: paying $3 per tweet for the complete post look here at.

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