A update on my ghost in the shell business

i have not posted lately mainly because i had very little to say and been working on my 4 hour workweek business. so i figured i give you all a update.

just a heads up most of these tech is part of the 4 four workweek by Tim ferriss book and if you would like to know more use that link.

Right now im having to redo the first part of the business model basicly you see if one) a niche is right for you b) see if the niche can support you useing muse math. can not go into muse math because it is part of the book right now my goal is after i had a problem.

in which all my niches where wiped i started over and today i’ve almost got them back to where i need be i can go ahead and test the niche i picked with you the public. what happens after hopefully i get a good rateing and cand move ahead with the over all plan.

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2 responses to “A update on my ghost in the shell business

  1. Is it even-handed carbon copy ? Already saw the notwithstanding info on this locality


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