a dear old friend of mine got very upset at me lately and while i admitted to this person that i was wrong and try to make it up too him he did not seem interested. it seemed he was more interested in attacking me as if i was public enemy number one and he talked to me like i was a dog.

in the end oh i stayed calm i did not fight back although i tried to show him the error of his way but that just made him more mad so after that i decide to just stay away for a couple of months and see what will happen.

things to do if this happens to you:

1. don’t panic

2. stay calm do not get into a fighting match with them because that is what they want

3.  stay in touch if possible

4. this is very important if they say something that might be true and you can change that do it

5. last but not lest study them to see if this is them talking or something else

now like i said i was at fault and have took steps to make sure that does not happen again but it was not that bad to warrent such a backlash owell now we will see what happens in the future some back ground this person is almost a 20 year old friend.


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