05/22/09 What happen a case study

As some of you know I ran into a little problem with getting my system up so you can see it. Here is what happen first I was using a video capture and editing system that I was unfamilor with.

In the most part everthing went well I recorded everthing and edited what I needed but then I tried to publish it on my blog. The thing is after I messed around I found out that I could not do it as is because as you can see here it does not support video.

(Allowed file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt, odt, pptx, docx.) so then I looked at what I would have to do to get video on my site using wordpress. As you can see here (The VideoPress upgrade allows you to host and play videos right from your blog. VideoPress costs 59.97 credits per year and is per blog.
You can purchase the upgrade from the Upgrades panel of your dashboard.) it cost $50 a year some might say that not bad but I think that not very good either.

So I went in search of alt ways to get my video’s up on my blog. I then decided to check out godaddy.com to see if that was/is very fesablie to do. It turns out that it is here is the break down as far as im concerned with this system.

This from godaddy.com

Publish your thoughts, opinions, comments, and videos in your own blog, podcast—or both—anytime, day or night! Supports multiple authors and multiple blogs or podcasts. Show Me

  • Generate and publish RSS feeds for iTunes® and other directories.

  • Post photos, images, animations or videos—create a truly personal blog site.

  • Get feedback and have conversations with visitors to your site. (Tell Me More)

  • Personalize your Blogcast with your own unique domain name—or integrate it with your existing site by setting it up as a subdomain.

  • NEW! Password protection to make your blog or podcast private (Deluxe and Premium plans only


  • Vlogging lets you record, compress, upload and post a video seamlessly, in one application.

  • Give your Blogcast one-of-a-kind style with nearly 100 customizable templates. See sample.

  • Podcast recording tool offers one-click installation, real-time audio compression, and CD-quality recording (prior to MP3 compression).

  • Play audio and video podcasts directly from your published web page with On-Site Player.

  • No banner advertisements.


  • Log in and manage Quick Blogcast, Quick Shopping Cart® and WebSite Tonight® all from one common dashboard.

  • Updated Statistics Tool gives you access to statistics and reports for various blog features, including how visitors are getting to your blog, how frequently they’re visiting, what they’re viewing, and on what entries they’re commenting.

  • Overage Protection means you never have to worry about exceeding bandwidth or unexpected monthly overage charges.

  • Share your favorite photos, videos, and more. Upload and manage .jpg, .gif, MP3 and MP4 audio/video files (m4v, mp4 and mov) simply and easily. (Available disk space varies from plan to plan.)

  • NEW! Tag your blog posts, and give your readers an easy way to see which subjects you blog about the most with the Tag Clouding widget. (Deluxe and Premium plans only)

  • Manage your comment SPAM protection by choosing to retain all comments marked as SPAM or having them auto-deleted. (Deluxe and Premium plans only)

  • Remote blogging lets you post directly from online photo albums (like Go Daddy Photo Album) and popular third-party sources. You can even blog via email or post direct to your blog from Word 2007, Windows Live Writer, Flickr and others.

  • If you’ve got a Google® AdSense® account, use Quick Blogcast to earn revenue. Get site statistics, including subscriber numbers, average bandwidth, disk space utilization and more.

  • IP banning locks out spammers and other troublesome visitors.

  • Improvements to the CSS Editor make it faster and easier than ever to update the look and feel of your blogcast!


  • Share your Blogcast across the Web—generate and publish RSS feeds in minutes.

  • Keep your visitors informed of your latest posts with Blogcast update notification service.

  • Quick Blogcast automatically sends new podcast notifications to popular listing services like iTunes®, Feed Burner, iPodder, and more.

  • Use built-in surveys to get feedback from all your visitors.

Already have a blog? No problem! Quick Blogcast’s import tool lets you transfer all your current blog articles, comments and trackbacks into your Quick Blogcast …quickly and easily!


As you can see would not be very hard and you can import my old blog as well. That did raise some questions oh:

Your Domain is Just $1.99 With This Purchase

36 mo: $15.99/mo Save 20%

Plan Features
• Unlimited blogs per plan
• Unlimited subauthors
• 10GB Disk Space
• 500GB Bandwidth
• FREE! $50 Facebook® Ad Credit*

of course that is the best plan they have, now I could of went this route but then I would of run into another problem I still dont have a site for my product yet.

So while this is a good idea for the near future as for right now it does not fit in with my productive + bigger profit-cost equation.

I will show you why in a second, but first there is one last place I knowed could let me post video’s to my website and that place is youtube the only down side I see is you are only allowed 10mins.

So lets look at the three choices we have

productive + bigger profit-cost equation.

scale of one to ten one being the worst and ten being the best

choice one:


productive 1 to ten: I would have to give it a 3 because of the high cost of enter

+bigger profit 1 to ten: 3 same as productive

-cost 1 to ten: 3 same as productive

total is: 9

Go Daddy.com

productive 1 to ten: 7 while it can cost more than wordpress it is very high productively because of one thing you get more stuff and more freedom

+bigger profit 1 to ten: 8 because the whole setup allows you to set up yourself to win if you know how too

-cost 1 to ten: 7 the cost is cheap compared to what you get in return.

total is: 22


productive 1 to ten: 10 it cost nothing except time

+bigger profit 1 to ten: 10 while i do not get money directly from the video’s it dont cost me any money either.

-cost 1 to ten: 10 it is free

total is: 30

As you can see over all for now youtube is my best way to get the video’s out while incressing my productively. In the future I will be switching to a service like go daddy for my system.


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