Title and theme of the business system

Title and theme of the business system:

right now im at version 0.9 almost at 1.0 the reason I create Themes for my business system is because of the visual aspect and I can see how my system should act.

As you will see as I take you through each of my though process you will see how it ties into my over all GOAL.


To have a money system that is automatic (meaning that im the ghost in the machine) that generate at lest minimal of 10K a month.

my first Theme was a Virus system:

basically I wanted and still do a system that can spread like a virus. A virus (from the Latin virus meaning toxin or poison) is a sub-microscopic infectious agent that is unable to grow or reproduce outside a host cell. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virus

the only problem is every time I set my buy me now virus loose it would expire too soon. Although I did get the potency right it just not last (Ebola hemorrhagic fever is potentially lethal and encompasses a range of symptoms including fever, vomiting, diarrhea, generalized pain or malaise, and sometimes internal and external bleeding. The span of time from onset of symptoms to death is usually between 2 and 21 days. By the second week of infection, patients will either defervesce (the fever will lessen) or undergo systemic multi-organ failure. Mortality rates are typically high, with the human case-fatality rate ranging from 50–89%, depending on the species or viral strain.[35] The cause of death is usually due to hypovolemic shock or organ failure.[36] ) that is from Ebola the thing is it is powerful but it tends to kill it host fast which is basically what I was doing to my auctions.

That is what your Customers will be doing to your money problems Hint not the zombies

So now I have a problems how can I cause A viral Marketing Pandemic as the video would suggest. (A pandemic is a worldwide epidemic. The 1918 flu pandemic, commonly referred to as the Spanish flu, was a category 5 influenza pandemic caused by an unusually severe and deadly influenza A virus. The victims were often healthy young adults, in contrast to most influenza outbreaks, which predominantly affect juvenile, elderly, or otherwise weakened patients.[125] )

Here is another left for dead moment this time with the boomer:

why im i showing you a game well let me set this up

your costomers are the zombies

your system is the boomer so every time the boomer pukes on your money problems your costumers come running to take out your money problems.

Mainly the reason im telling it like this is so you can visualise how your system should work

As for a example of a marketing virus check out http://www.butterflymarketing.com/?id=jp14

My second Theme is plant-virus system:

Now I needed to have fertile fields to allow my system to grow where before the system just burnt itself out. So basically I picture forest of virus trees that people can not wait to get hold of which brings up the question that I will address later in product creation how to make it viral Pandemic the visuals I used for that is trees in a forest something like these http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sequoia.

I just had another inspiration from that Fog is of major importance in Coast Redwood ecology. Redwood National Park. So now im thinking what is the fog in my forest is that the virus that natures my products/trees? Hard to tell I will have to look more into that.

now here is your product the tree’s surranded by fog which is your marketing system

Now Web 2.0 is great just for points like these themes so if your website/blog is your forest then. Your product/blogs are your tree’s.

So if the fog is your web 2.0 connections that means you need to contact bloggers, affiliates, etc to get the word out which I will go into later on.

Picture this lets say the Niche is the state you can not tell much about what the customer wants can you. Sub-niche is the forest or farm (but I will use the forest) now you can see in that sub-niche. what the Customers want/need/desire etc now in that forest the fog is your viral zombies who take care of the forest so people will come to and stay basically they are the animals that need the forest to live. (plz don’t think humans are animals just that now you can visualize what is going on.)

spider web system:

basically my system is the spider and the web is how I approach the business: website, blog, ad’s, basically the merits of the system.

and this is your system taking care of business

I decide that since I already had the top two I don’t need this for now that may change latter on but at this time nope

Ghost in the machine:

im the mastermind setting outside the system but still controlling the system think of it this way im the gardener in the forest.

even a zombie themed system:

I’m actually incorporating this into the virus part of the system basically this is the end result creating more and more zombies to spread the word. And since the viral sites are like pollen in the forest……

The 4 hour work week system:

I follow basically the same over all system as Tim Ferriss outlined in his book the four hour work week.






Water system:

which brings me too Water I heard Bruce Lee say this before but I did not have the muse come upon me until I heard it the second time.

Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless – like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, you put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”

Bruce Lee quotes

to mean it means that my system should be like water so if something does happen to the system it does not crash.

I will let Bruce lee tell you in his own words

Now if you put it together you will get a system that looks like this.

The system will turn strangers into people who need what you are selling like a man dieing of thirst this is what turns them into viral messengers zombies for your system. Which in turn will grow your forest of what the people are dying to get. Which in turn will make your system to make money all that more like water.

Next: Niche how it is like a State 6/5/2009


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