Finding the Niche

Now when searching for a niche a few things can guide you.

One: don’t stop with just you think of everyone that you have been in contact with lately and write down anything that might be a niche that comes to mind.

Two: don’t stop until you hit the brick wall and can not figure out anything else

that about it for now

also when you scroll down and see Google trends see if any of them mess with anything on your list. because see with Google trends most of those are only day trends some may last longer but not much.

So just don’t relay on them for good metrics (this from wiki Metrics, a system of parameters that are measured )

  1. each word that I have written down is a keyword which can be measured by google

  2. as you might already know every thing that can be measured can help you see the path

I will get into that soon in my video’s and I will point out each metric too you. Btw I get a lot of my metric from a PDA called Muse Math which is in the book and his blog and his website and while I would say up to 90% of his information is freely aviable on the web. It is how he combines it all into a cutting edge tool he calls the 4 hour work week.

So I should put that on my list of study material and now on with my niche list so you can see executable what is going on.

Continuing my goal theme system here:

Does the niche keep with my:

All these are Merits to keep me or you on track:


does it lend itself to the merits which I will go into in a moment?

Will it give me the numbers I need?

Would I read this, use it, build it, take it etc? (another tool to get you into the niche more)

Do you need to niche down? (or theme wise move from a state to city or forest view)

what are people saying about this niche is it hot is it on Google trends, what does the Google time line look like, what about keyword selection? Google insights? Any of these sites will tell you a lot about your niche. <—— check this link to learn more about researching on Google insights

Continued in part two about nichining


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