are you running a risk of creating a silent hill out of your business?

Is this how you feel about business? Trapped in a nightmare? Looking for your Cheryl can you ID your problems do you feel you have to run from them like the man in the video well unlike the man in the video you have the power to solve your problems.

to not have your business turn into a living hell

here is what i do

step one: define the problem in detail dont stop until you have written the problem down in detail

step two: look for people who have been through your problem before

step three: ask them for help get there help anyway you can

step four: solve the problem

this works for everthing not just business

for a non business exsample:

lets say you want this car right here:|39%3A1|72%3A317|240%3A1308

 here is how much you will have to pay a month:


SO what is your problem?

is it money: No there is plenty of money

is it the car: No, unless time runs out but you can get another one

Is it time: Yes, because if you are like most people you work what at lest 2 maybe 3 jobs to make money.  so by finding the best person for the job making you more money you would solve that problem would you not. i can only give guess as too what your’s might be do you have a idea that you have been working on that someone else could finsh?

etc business deal’s, idea deal’s, there so many ways all you need is the time to stop and smell the roses… will you do that or will be the man in the video unable to do anything but run from his problems….well at lest the more deadly ones.



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