Product creation What I have learned so far

Product creation

What I have learned so far:

One: with out a plan of attack everything seems to vast to do anything with. In the grand scheme of well anything in life without a plan you just kind of wonder around aimlessly.

So the first thing I had to do after about a week of not doing anything much as well as being sick again (sinus/allergy really like to beat me up.)

I decide to spend this week getting a plan up and running to where im doing the what will get me the best result, move me the along the farthest and maybe the fastest.

Two: take a break, it is that simple if you don’t take a break every now and then. You will get burned out and will stop doing it so if your goal is too travel to japan for three months.

Don’t rush through building your system to get to japan for three months because it may fell then your back to square one. Relax and breath.

Three: keep records of what your are doing very important when tackling something this size. Because you can pour over your notes and videos to see what, where, when, etc you might of messed up at.

On too what happen up too this point:

like I said at the begin of the post I basically did not have a plan beyond just a informational allergy/sinus product priced at about $150 before cost. Which says a lot but it really does not address the (where): do I get the information for my products, (Who): do I get the information from like for instance if im developing a product for the In’s and outs of sinus/allergy who are the experts that I can get info from.

I have covered the (What): that is the niche as for the (Why): I have covered that some with my personal reasons. But I don’t know yet if the people who buy the product will feel the same way of course im a client too so that helps.

So now I need to cover the (where): in more detail (who): in more detail and the (Why): in more detail as for a time-line I would say 1 to 3 weeks that way if I need more time I will have it.

Since this may take longer than I week I will keep you informed by twitter and short blog post until we get to talk again

sincerely Steve Ward


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