How to change a plan on the fly

now if you think this is only for war or video gaming then you are wrong even in business you need to be able to change and update the plan on the fly. if your business can not react to the changing times and the flow of your business you will not be in business long.

not too worry just like the post before this on how to write a business plan this post is also very easy really the most hard part about the changing of a plan is to gain movement.

so if something dont work try something else on the side picture it this way.

here is your business

business<——-here is where all the normal stuff happens in your business you don’t want to let to many things loose in here

here is your sandbox for business

sandbox<——-here is where all the sandbox stuff is this is where you can go wild and try stuff that never before been tried to see if it works.

so try it and see if that helps

a example would be this:


here is your marketing plan it has certain things in that you do

keyword that pulls in %10 of your customer base


here is where you test idea’s at

keyword that could pull in 20% of your customer base

and that it go for it now


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