A exsample of setting a goal

one of my current goals in life is too learn how to fly so that i might fly one of these some day, a goal is a simple sign in the road that states that this is where you are going but it is not set in stone.

it not as simple or as hard as you may think:

step one: where do you want to be for me each of these pictures tell that

step two: start it dont matter just do something

step three: review what you have done and see if it matchs up with your goal if yes step four if not back too step two

step four:  go to step two

simple no?

as you can see where my love of flying is but why stop there did you notice the last image it was from a japanese anime called Robotech i always loved that show because of the gaint robo that can change from a robot to a plane and back again. Will it every come about who knows is it a goal worth going after you bet.

Now i love to make connections as you seen with my posting about other things and how they might relate to business so i will give you some more then.

IF we take flying in space as a end goal then we can then branch off too this also as you may of noticed in my little gallery above this is called space diving flying can also lead to the bottom of the ocean as well.deep-flight-super-falcon

So in the end two things i can give you

first: Use mindmaps to plot your goals

Second: Never ever give up no matter what


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