Getting your self seen for anything includeing a job

Getting your self seen for anything including a job

if there is one thing I have learned in my life is this if you need someone somewhere. You are going to have to show them you can do stuff lets say you want a job and you have Google in mind. Yet they dont know you from anyone out there so you have a small problem.

Lets keep going you want a Job in google HR the best way to go about that is if they know you by name. How do you get them to know you by name? Is it to send resumes out the yin/yang HELL NO!! that might work in the years past but not now with the system turned on it’s head.

In witch case you need to do something a little different namely a few tips on how to get people to notice you for just about anything.

Tip 1: MAKE SURE WHAT YOU WANT NOTICES YOU it dont matter what it is if it does not notice you forget it.

Tip 2: know the name of the person who you need to send your resume too why because you know them but they don’t know you yet. So if your resume say’s dear john instead of dear who ever it may concern will get you notice more.

Tip 3: help them solve a problem for nothing (This is big) I KNOW I KNOW what you are thinking “WHAT solve there problem for free are you NUTS!!!” Yet this goes back too one if you solve a problem or help solve a problem and they know that you did that how people get jobs, get money etc without people noticing you then you are less likely to get anything.

Tip 4: put this stuff on your resume when you ask for a job, write up a blog post about it as long as you can do that and not get into trouble over it

Tip 5: have a blog, website, youtube channel etc Why you ask easy first crazy traffic, most people watch youtube so the more of these web 2.0 sites you are on the more likely they can see what you bring to the table period. Also make sure that it relates to what you are trying to do, get etc that mostly is job related.

Exsample of tip 5 are:


to find out top models or other modeling related stuff

lets say I want a 3d model of something

3d modeling

3d Modeling Demo Reel


3d Modeling Demo Reel

3d Modeling Demo Reel My 3d modeling reel from 2007.

I see that and it is a demo reel just for this purpose and if you go there he also has a website called guess what he just tied his youtube into his website.

Which has his resume on that site also

so there is some tips one how to get what you need or want


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