One method to having a profitable business model

One method to having a profitable business model:


step one: (time: one month) buy a complete business system that goes through each step if you follow it you suppose to make money.


Step two:(time: one week) follow the complete business system from beginning to the end. Make sure to take notes on stuff you don’t understand, stuff that don’t seem to work etc anything is game keep records. go to step three even if you are making no money.


Step three:(time: one week) using questions in step two go through the whole system again. When you come to one of your questions Google to see if you can find a answer, a person to help you etc. after that you should have a better money system and you should start making some money by now. As always take more notes then step four.


Step four:(Time:one week) basic same as step three, you go through the system until you get to a question then you look for help in solving it. By now people should be buying your product. You should have a decent product, maybe making 10 sells a month. But now you know how to fix almost everything in your business or know who to go to guess what now you automate it and build another one or keep increasing this one.


That it just keep doing that and most people make a decent living to a grand living.


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