Why Rich Schefren staff failed him

(note: i don’t think this was a in house staff member of Rich Schefren but someone they may of out source for the game and im not sure that he even knows anything about marketing at all. still this should be a very good lesson too anything who has people calling customers on there behalf.)

now i see myself as a reasonable person when i tell someone no and tell them why i dont need something i really dont expect them to keep trying to push me into buying something i dont need or want. That what happen about 20mins ago i explained to this person that i have been in business for about 20 years on/in varius business and i also seen enough of these sites to know at a glance if i need it or not.

That did not seem to get the point across so i started explaining to this man why that i would never be interested in this offer after his little sales speech now im not the best person at explaining things but i did feel that i got my point across after i sighed he hung up.

What really bothers me is not that this guy was pushy im use to that and it don’t faze me much anymore, you would think that someone who KNOWS marketing would be up in arms over this. SO Rich Schefren do you know what your staff is doing?


2 responses to “Why Rich Schefren staff failed him

  1. hi, this is rich schefren… i have no idea what you are talking about – our company does not engage in telemarketing nor do we outsource to anyone who does on our behalf. I would appreciate further clarification on what you are claiming here… thank you

    • i agree with you rich schefren anyways let me break this down the best i can because the person was very odd about giving away information: i answered my cell the first thing i though was odd that he did not tell me who he worked for which put me on alert i really wished i taped the conversion. anyways he said that i did not finsh filling out information about rich schefren product again this raised a red flag because i did not rem filling out anything concerning your products at all.

      Yes im into building business for most of my life and still im and yes your one of my mentors in that way of life, so i had to ask myself is this really Rich Schefren and my answer would be no this is not him. (as i stated in the OG post). Here is where it go really strange on me instead of asking me if i had questions or comments he just went straight into a sales pitch after asking some questions about the product and getting no answer at all.

      I decide that i was going too give him some tips on how to give people vaule so he could sell me or anyone on it but at times im not the best speaker at this and he finally hung up

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