UPdate to my Rich Schefren post

i must first apploges to Rich it seems that if this is the same company that they where trying to sell me a Russell Brunson offer it from the the same number (208) 932-1131 after googleing the number i have come across several people who have had several exp just like mine. Again i have the upmost Respect for Russel Brunsion but these pushy people calling me and telling me what to buy is not cool.

http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-208-932-1131 <——–you can check it out here

one of the people posted this:

When calling the number, it is an automated response that says “Hello and thank you for calling the coaching department, if you know your party’s extension ……… ”  Gives option to press 0 for operator but nobody is available.

so maybe it is a all purpose call center?

Again Rich i apologies to you now he proble thinks bad of me =(


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