If pigs could fly………

If pigs could fly………

I know odd title for a blog but sometimes that what seems to happen oh, does it. Things happen and you have to look out side to make sure pigs are not flying just to be on the safe side.

First some bad news i’ve learned after my mom had a episodic that she has lung cancer. Fortunate she has just a spot and now after some treatment she is looking at some surgery to take it out completely.

This was do to her smoking beyond that i’ve been sick with sinus problems myself nothing major but when you do get them it usually puts you out for the day.

It not all bad news been working on my muse for awhile now the main problem I had was simple. I had too many niche idea’s. I will explain how I came to a trigger 2/24/2010 well see.

I’ve always heard that true power lies with those who can use it so we will see if that true or not.


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