Post-human short story

Post-human short story

boney cows head seemed deep in thought, “I c your problem” the man in front of him was using the time to study this demon. The demon caught the confessed look “Oh this is just a second skin im playing the system.”

“Oh the one where you can develop your own avatar in game from a vast part selection.” the cow headed demon nodded.

“Yes, that it” “as for your question lets see” several screens appeared both of the demon avatar and the man floated in a void like setting call personal space.

Where you can make just about anything a virtual reality “WTH” the demon image flickers, “Get the hell out of here Cab now something is trying to break in here looks virus like.”

Just like that the demon was gone just then the space shattered into what looks like something from the divine comedy. Bodies messed in a pit of fire then a creature looking like a brain with tentacles slowly raised out of the mess.

“well, well, well” the creature hissed which did damage to the surroundings. A twitched appeared and then left as he moved closer to the beast.

“Who or what are you” it was either another human/trans-human or even a post-human. Or it could be a virus most likely a virus since there is not that many trans-human or post-humans that could pull that off.

The creature laughed a sickly damaging sound “What im I human I think you already know” So it is a virus “So your a screamer virus never seen one quite unique as you are.”

It multilayer eyes focused on him as it’s tentacles leached out towards him. Cab knew better than to get to close to them because the virus was just testing him for the moment.

The creature flashed forward lashing out with it’s tentacles. It seems to be some sort of attack program they all have weakness oh now to stay alive long enough to figure it out.


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  1. You are so right about this!

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