The letter

A deserted rooftop of a derelict building. A storm is looming, thunder cracking across the grey sky. But it won’t rain. The world is sobbing, not crying. the blood dripped to the paper it weaved itself into Japanese character Shi.

The bell rung he dont get many visitors, im not a loner by no means a middle age woman was standing there dress in traditional kimono.

I know a woman Samurai that crazy you say well my friend welcome to the 21 century. Bah there I go again talking to myself, “Good morning, miss landlord” she smiled for some reason she liked being called that.

“Well Good Morning, David your Japanese has improved a lot” she held out her hand several letters where there. “Here is your mail, would you mind going to the store we need some food for the party tonight.”

“Sure thing” “good the list is in with the mail” she turns and leaves. The same thing happened last week too but. She handed me the mail just like she always does, there was a letter in the bundle address to me but when I open the mail.

The only Word was “SHI” after doing some research SHI was word for death. There was no other words on the paper and so far there is no way to know who sent it.

The computer center looked like it was something from a top secret base. The hacker smiled at lest that how it looked anyways now to check his business updates. It not much the building itself is not that big, but when you dont want the world knowing much and they will know something then you keep it small.

I guess hacker is not the right word although I have hacked stuff in the past. Mostly I find stuff that other seem to have problems finding as a rule I dont get into family problems. Now there are exceptions to the rule but in most cases it super hard to figure out who is telling the true.

Is the husband really the good guy or is the wife really the good woman etc. Well onto the store no sense in making the landlady wait she is scary when she is mad.

Well this is it the last stop a place called Le Dimanche Sam was at the counter. I know your thinking that Le Dimanche is french not Japanese,” the customer still looked perplex. “Well in japan the city of Kobe has a strong ex-pat community” “so in other words, a person from America can run a French bakery in japan.”

The costumer merely shook his head paid for his stuff and left “Hey David, shopping for the landlady?” “Yep” Sam hands me a package “Oh yea I was asked to give this too you.”

He hands me a letter “Thanks Sam, do I owe you anything” “Nope landlady covered it.” “OK see you later” after dropping off the food with the landlady it was time for the letter. Same wording again this time in English odd, 2:40pm at Nada PS.

First Death now 2:40pm at Nada PS. Hmm what could it mean well I guess I will just have to show up and see what happens I guess. Hmm a construction site? Oh well when in Rome do the construction site I guess.

For the new shrine/monastery build it just plain creepy right now beyond how quite it is in here not a soul around. It would really be hard to tell if there was anyone here at all.

Curve of the flashlight makes me glad that I brought it with me now let see here “click” the flashlight bring the shadows to life. The beam shines on a couple of desks, and there another letter sigh has this person not heard of cell phones.

So lets see first floor room 10, geez well at lest the person gives good directions. Wait a min, his body flew over the desk he scanned the area odd I though there was something there or was it just shadows playing tricks on me.

The footfall echoed through the building, well if there is someone here they will know where I am oh well that can not be helped. Room 5, room 8, the rooms are all little shrine rooms it looks like ah room 10.

What is this feeling, where are the guards at would they really leave a almost done building unguarded. Is that why I feel unease no there is something here hmm.

The door slide open with not so much of a creak the light played off the shine. There laying on the floor a young woman not bad looking either in a school uniform although she does look a little old to be a student.

Suddenly the wall explodes showering the room with fragments of the wall. Two women step through the whole “She not here” the taller one scanned the room.

“Well this is where he was suppose to be as well” What where they talking about. Where they looking for him and the girl but why he never seen either one of them before. “lets keep looking they must of not gotten far” and before the dust was settled they where gone.

Good thing that this hiding spot was big enough for two but what did they want with her and how did they know about him. The flashlight reflected off something “What is this wait is that the same thing no her name tag says SHI, what the hell is going on here.”

Just like that she awoke grabbed my hand and proceed to jump out the only window in the room. “Wait, stop, where three stories up are you nuts” then nothing but air with the ground coming up to say hello fast.

“OH shit” then she caught me and landed with no sound hardly at all then she grabbed my arm. “Move now” and off we went.


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