The clashing thunder shook the ground the two humans in the middle locked in a deadly embrace. Rain poured down around them and running down there faces as if they where crying.

Why are those two fighting, why must they fight im helpless to do anything about it. After all im wimp I tell myself but I must do something or they will die.

Wait who is that screaming “David” someone is calling my name “David wake up now” the room swim into view. Amy is there wait the scream stopped I see others there as well.

“You where having that dream again huh” Amy smiled “It OK now” another girl stepped forward “Come to aunt Cleo I will make it all better.”

“Oh no you don’t perv” the boy stepped up “come on perv back to your room.” Cleo trying to get to me as the boy pulled her away. This is a mixed school of sorts it rather odd school at that.

Trix stepped into the room “Geez kid could you keep it down just a little to a small scream.” “There you go with that perplexed look again you don’t rem screaming I guess.”

“well you better get some sleep for the test tomorrow if you can” Trix usually runes the midnight watch at school, made up of both upper class mates and adults.

“Man you looked like you did not get much sleep last night David.” the taller boy was one grade higher than me “Yea” the other boy looked at me then too him. “David maybe you should take the day off it not like you need this or anything.

“No peter I will do this” both boys waving there hands in front of them. “Not trying to get you started” “im sorry, just a ruff night is all.”

A sudden earth scattering sound blast through the area the world slow comes back into focus. Something is wrong everything is upside down I see people screaming but I hear no sound come out of there mouth’s.

Dead lifeless eye’s stare up at me not but a few feet away wait that the boy with tall hair that I was just talking with. Suddenly im lifted up a older man got me saying something like it will be ok just hang in there.

We make are way to where several people have setup a station to treat people. Suddenly a woman appears pointing at me and mouthing I found you. The man shoves me sideways and charges the woman.

The clash deep thunder rings out, wait I can hear again someone is saying stop it. Looking around for the source of the voice I realize it is me.

The man is loosing that much I know she is good who ever she is. A shadow flashes by the man drops down in front of the other man in direct opposite of the woman.

His mouth open his body seems at easy “Stay, if you want to be destroyed if not leave.” I see others move in she take one last look at me and leaves.

The man walks over to me after talking to the other man for a bit. My leg is useless as I try to stand the man stops and looks me over at last staring into my eyes.

I look away “So your David huh” his piercing eyes bore into me looking for something. “David” I look around “David” Amy appears as if by magic she looks between us too.

“He is hurt better get him over to the station” he does not take his eyes off of me. “David” his voice compels me to look up “We will talk later” and just like that he leaves not saying another word.

Amy helps me over to the station, what in the world is going on here?


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