Time traveling person

Time traveling person

crib knew he was in trouble the floor was slowly turning to water. Must be a byproduct from the time wave, or something like that, where is drill when you need him.

Who or what could be coming through the time portal this time. The woman collapsed on the floor she seemed to be in one piece although she was not naked hmm odd.

The team rushed in and sent her to the hospital a tall blonde women stepped up to the window “Awww to bad she was not naked.”

“Yea clare im sure she wants another woman starting at her like that” she turns around put her hand to my chest “What im a equally opportunity woman that includes you handsome.”

she turns around laughing and looks back at me like she was about ready to eat me up. “I’m not sure if I should be turned on by that or running the other way.”

“Well crib I guess that depends” the statue stepped up beside him, well some would call him that steel looks like a gorilla that talks.

“So you felt and seen it too” I studied him for a second “The floor and the sound.” “yep but it did not seem to effect anything to bad.”

“It is odd that this time she was fully clothed the machine seems to be learning at lest.”


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