The ghostly presence filled the hallway it icy presence filled the room. A soft sobbing echoed off the walls “I’m scared big brother help me” then it was gone.

The young man knew this was a dream he dreamed this dream several times before well since he had come to japan to study.

The dream is always the same a voice mummers in the background fog on the ground. A old shrine seems to appear and yet it seems to stray out of focus.

The soft mummer turns into sobbing from a little girl yet no matter where i look she not there. I travel deeper into the shrine the shrine has seen better days rotten wood every where i look it almost seem in decay.

Suddenly the sound picks up but where to the right into the temple it seems. Words float by “Help me bother” then fades on the wind a shadow appears is that a little girl.

The young man sit there as if asleep “hmm sounds like a Zashiki-warashi to me”my hand moved towards the chair to support me “Huh what is a Zashiki-warashi anyways.” he looked up “haha, you know for someone who has been here this long you dont know much.

” a Zashiki-warashi is a child , The name breaks down to zashiki, a tatami floored room, and warashi, an archaic regional term for a child. The appearance of this spirit is that of a 5 or 6 year child with bobbed hair and a red face. Zashiki-warashi can be found in well-maintained and preferably large old houses. It is said that once a zashiki-warashi inhabits a house, it brings the


residence great fortune; on the other hand, should a zashiki-warashi depart, the domain soon falls into a steep decline.”

“This sounds like there one and the same although it is odd that she is still there.” “As for the temple the only place i can think of around here is what is referred to as the forgotten temple.”

“Forgotten temple?” his eyes stared at me with slight hint of sharpness. “Yes, although it is one of the oldest temples completes around here, no one is quite sure who built it and for what reason.”

“One of the reasons i came to this town is too learn more about the temple itself.” his eye’s smiled at me as if to say this is going to be fun for me maybe not you.

“So im leading a field trip tomorrow to the temple I think you should come, if nothing else I can use you for bait…..i mean we can go all together.”

Blood flowed down hill as streams of water, the fighting was horrible. There is that sobbing again, “what is the matter” nothing “where are you at” nothing I dont get it why will she not answer.

“Lusol” is that the little girls voice no it is different “Lusol, wake up.” he sees a smile that looks worried “Lusol, wake up” he shoots up “Who” “what” everything is blurry with sudden focus the young woman comes into view.

“Ahh your awake Lusol we where starting to get worried” he could see several of the club members looking at him. “im sorry I hope I was not trouble.”


The young woman flashed a worry looked that faded into a soothing embrace. “Was you having a bad dream” she looked at me intently with those deep eyes of her’s. “No, no nothing to bad” her eyes changed just a little maybe she thinks I dont trust her. Well maybe it better that way for now.

This group that he is leading is a odd bunch the young girl I meet early seems to watch me closely at times. Not with bad intent but a strange concern for my well being.

What they are wearing is odd as well the young girl is wearing a tradenical priestess in this area would wear but why.

Then there is the older man he wearing some sort of outfit it looks like a regular someone someone would wear but I dont know something is odd.

“So Lusol, have you figured it out yet” the hairs on my neck are trying to crawl off my head. Having a heart-attack out here would not be a good thing.

“WHAT in the hell you trying to do give me a heart-attack” he throws his hands up in the air. Then he points to the young girl “She could give you mouth to mouth” the young girl turns sharp away.

Then he was laying on the ground I shuddered who or what could of done this. “Umm what happen” he pointed a finger that when I seen the older woman wiping her hands. “oh what happen silver” the strange woman said as she was smiling after that nothing else happen until we made camp.

“Drip” what is that water “Drip” there it is again “Brother save me.” the forest snap into focus “Hey guys” no answer come to think of it where im I.


Wait where is the camp out heck where is everyone “Brother help me” softly into my ear. Whirling around nothing there yet I know I felt a presence there.

The fog parted just a little in the forest and there was the temple just like the one in my dreams it seems old and run down. So the little girl is some where’s in there I wonder where the others are?

Is this really fog how could it be it so thick something is odd here. The railing crumbles to dust there is that odd feeling again wind slams through me slamming me into the tree behind me.

There is that feeling again a creeping dread something is out there I can feel it blood lust. “ Lusol” wait behind me nothing there or is it.

There it is the pebble rest well in the palm but can I hit anything in here. “ Lusol” now the pebble disappeared into the pea soup “Ouch, hey” huh that was human she stumbled out from the fog wait it that girl.

She falls to the ground “Shit” “Hey you ok sorry about” her deep eyes slowly open. “Ah good your awake” she steady focus on my face and jumps away. “Im sorry did I do something wrong” her face was red “No, no im ok”

That sensation again but where to are right “Watch out” she was below me something slams into me. Then darkness and a young voice screaming suddenly the temple comes into view with something above me.

The blackness swirl around us the girl chanting something


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