What is the difference between destiny and fate?


One two the pedals go up and down there was a man behind me. Although I can not recall his face, a sweet voice singing but who are they.

The ceiling looks like it always does yet that dream why can I not remember who they where. Where they my family, my family…… “Well I better get to class, what im I laying around here for.”

What a amazing place the university is all sort of people here. “Ted wait up” a young woman comes sprinting up to me “geez would it kill you to slow down I mean come on.” “Clare what are you doing here?” her sleek body looked up at me those eye’s seem to ask…no I must be imaging that.

“Oh ted your such a kidder where walking to school are we not” I better say yes or I might end up on the floor again. “Yes ok” what is this feeling like im being watched but nothing seems out of place.

There is that odd statue there not even sure why there is a statue of a man holding a book for and the book itself is unnamed.


Nothing odd about the forest to the west of the statue either. It also seems that the university is ok as well so what in the hell is this feeling im getting right now.

“Ted oh ted you there” Clare smiling face appeared “Yea im fine.” “umm Clare you did not feel anything right now did you?” “No why?” she looks concerned “Come on you there is the door to the building.”

She litter pulled me along, wait there it is again no this is different but where. UP the rock it going to hit that girl “Hey watch out” almost there darkness seems to sweep over me but she looks like she is alright.

“Ted, ted quick someone get the doctor” what wrong Clare. “Look at the blood this could be bad” Huh what where is everyone going.

“Could he be one” something passes over me “Maybe to hard to tell but he has a faint aura about him.” the room swam into focus but no sign of the two voices, huh im I at the nurses station but this place looks odd.

Wait this is not the nurses station lets see stain-glass window check, wall of books check, giant teddy bear check, chair check, door check.


Wait giant teddy bear…..it gone I know I saw one oh well lets see ouch ouch my head. So where the heck Im I, wait why are my legs so weak they look ok.

Must be the blood lost the wood feels cold under my touch of the window frame. Wait it night already lets see that would mean Shit i’ve been out that long that bad so that makes it 6 or 7 hours since the accident then.

“If your wondering” the wispier over took me whirling he came into view standing in the door there looking at me. “You seem to be in good shape considering what you been through, even being up now is pretty interesting.”

“Im sorry have we meet…” he sifted his glasses “First can you tell me your name?” his eyes shifted towards me “Yes Ted.” he smiled “Good and your last name?”

“Shield” why does he not look familiar “your probable wondering why I don’t look familiar.” What the hell is he a mind reader “No im not a mind reader” “What the hell then why you reading my mind for.”

“Ha Ha” the simile seems to be real “she said you where interesting.” he studied me for a moment his blueish eyes where warm one minute cold the next. “Btw did you notice something odd about the room.”


how did he know “i see btw that flicker of shock that you did see something.” “So what did you see” he turns and heads out the door. “I seen what I though was a huge teddy bear?” he never slowed “I see, very interesting.”

I had about all I can stand from this snug bastard “So your thinking I bet what a snug bastard I am right about now.” What the hell is up with this guy he can so to read minds “Can not.”

Come to think of it where im I at this is the school yet very different at the same time. Maybe this is the private area I heard so much about.

“Ahh we are here” he stood aside “well go on” the door slowly opened. Clare was seated in a chair along with several other including that girl from this morning.

A tall blonde woman approaches “well, well you do look interesting.” she licks her lips “Umm” she puts her finger to my lips. “Not bad even know that not your full power but resting power.”

“umm thanks?” a man raises up out of the chair hmm I have seen him somewhere before. “I guess your wondering why your here?” hmm why can I not place him “Yes I guess” they all laughed.


“Did I say something funny?” he looked me over “Clare said you are a strange one.” “Clare huh what do you mean Clare said?” she looked away “Clare works for us” he frown “I know it is a lot to take in at once.”

“What is going on?” he smiled “Welcome to magic central” “Ha-ha” my sides started to hurt “Oh you got me good, this is a senior prank is it?”

Wait none of them where laughing “WHAT, your for real!!” the woman from earlier smiled “I like him a lot” I slumpped over “Wait but what does that mean?”

“That means you have a lot of things to learn” he motions to another student. “Sam can you show, ted around plz” he got up “OK” “Follow me” he heads out the door.

“Ted, umm” I turned towards the voice, Clare was standing there uncertain of what to say. I turn back “Meh, dont worry about it you had your reasons”


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