Dragon hand


the soft morning mist whirl around the tree’s yet the forest was very quite. This is far from what the city is like totally different yet strangely the same of course that don’t make much sense I guess.

“So where is this special hidden Ryokan at” it not like it would be special and hidden if it was on the side of the road but still.

“Noooooo” what was that, was that a woman’s voice “I said no” she was there in the clearing something was with her like a blue fox of some sort a huge one.

Well whatever it is she is in trouble better hurry, the young woman open her eye’s. A man was battling with the fox but where did he come from. this creature is powerfully can not hold on much longer. Vision getting blurry but I will save her.

“Hurry up bring the herbs” there is movement somewhere. “when we found her he was already battling the fox with his hands.” more movement “Don’t move we will take care of you” darkness envelopes me.

It seems dark now, where the heck im I anyways ouch, ouch of that right that battle but what happen. Who ever put these bandage on seem to do a very good job.


Ouch still hurts to move, hmm a temple huh odd place wait is that electric lights hmm no i’ve never seen blue flames. There’s a kimono on the floor all folded up did they know I was going to be up I doubt it.

“So is he up yet” a woman voice carried through the wind. The light shone through the door well there must be someone there. A slender woman set behind the fire pit a older man was in front both seem to be wearing western style clothing.

Someone is behind me the sudden gust slams me through the door. Head is spinning the sword is slicing down in slow motion. “Stop Ann, that man you just attacked is the one that saved your sister.”

“This man was spying on you” the young woman stood over me with some sort of weapon to my throat. the young woman that was siting next to the fire was siming “Tell me would you not spy a little if you suddenly awoke to find yourself in a strange place.”

the older man eyes focused on the young woman and she put down the sword a hand appeared reaching toward me. “Im sorry but Ann can be a bit reckless at times.” the old man lifted me up with barley a strain, not sure what is going on but “No that ok it my fault.”


“so I guess you are wondering where here is” they both are watching me closely. “Well I’m thinking it might be the special hidden Ryokan?”

“Actually that one of the services we offer here, you where sent by the old woman right?” there seems to be movement outside “Yes, she was umm how should I put this a little odd.”

“HA,HA” he smiled “Yes you could say that” a woman appeared. “Please take….” he looks at the paper “David to his room.” the young woman simile “You like him dont you” was the old man’s only replay.

“well lets just see if notices what is going on”


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