The Ninja Inn

this is my first time trying to right a funny story

1 The ryokan inn was just like the traditional inn in japan should look like. “There he is” the voice said, “yes he does look hot” “Wait he is coming this way quite.”

“oh no he tripped” the side paneling came crashing down. Four very long legs where in front of him, he briefly seen two sets of blue silk panty’s.

They looked to be in a state of panic, he shot straight up the women froze in place. “YOU must be other guest im sorry I must of scared you.” the two woman run off leaving the man puzzled.

“Where sorry Chūnin” the female Chunin was a red eyed silver haired woman. “Let me get this straight a man trips and some how tearing down your hiding spot that sounds odd.”

“Where is he at now” another ninja was looking at the sheet. “The hot springs at the moment” they started moving to the hot-spring.

The hot spring was nice and quite, odd there is no one else around oh well very steamy too. “Ah very nice” that was kind of odd the women going running off I wonder why. Ahh now im getting dizzy need to hold on too something.

2 what is that, why is it moving huh that odd was there not a wall there a second ago. Hey there are some woman there…wait what are they doing here.

“WHAT!” they freeze up, “Im sorry im I in the wrong bath?” the red eyed woman bowed down to where my face and her face almost touch “Interesting” they walk off.

“what was that all about” he sakes his head. “is there something wrong with this place.” “he still in the hotspring lady” chuin smiled “he very interesting” “wait he gone” the spotter called out.

The women gathered at the room “get ready to rush room” the lights suddenly go out they rush in. The old woman surveyed the madness “what the hell is going on here” several ninja lady’s where wondering around with a dazed look on there face.

What the heck happen here to all my girl’s “he to powerfully.” the girl was laying there “Im sorry he just so fast” the old picked her head up “Who” but the girl was already gone.


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