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MAKE A LIST OF EVERYTHING YOU DO EVERY DAY THAT INVOLVES USING YOUR NATIVE LANGUAGE IN SOME WAY (Watching TV, reading instructions on video games or your phone, reading a cookery book, listening to music, website and computer Interfaces, reading a newspaper, chess/yoga/dance etc.)

Make the list as exhaustive as possible.

Watching tv

reading instructions on video games


listening to music

website and computer Interfaces

reading a newspaper

not sure what else yet


My Defined Language Projects are

My Defined Language Projects are:

To be able to watch a movie/show/anime etc in complete Japanese with no subtitles with-in 3 months. At the same time be able to tell other in detail what is going on screen.

To be able to watch a music etc in complete Japanese with no subtitles with-in 6 months. At the same time be able to tell other in detail what is going on screen.

To be able to hold a conversion with any Japanese person without having to ask about a word within 30 seconds of the conversion. Time line for this will be around 6 months too 9 months in which case i should be in japan.

Going to japan any advice, help, know someone there etc.

Kyoto Japan (mainly because it has so many other great places near by and is a modern city.) im basic going to japan because im in a rut here. I personal like how they tie history/modern together to form something else altogether. It does not hurt they have plenty of training places in japan either. Now besides knowing a little of the history of japan, ninjas, samurai, history of some other there supernatural stuff.

I don’t know a lot about the present day japan well a few things. For instance what is a good hot springs to visit, since im planing on staying for at lest 4 to 6 months or longer is there any place i should stay out for a long time. Is there anything i should know before going, im looking for people to meet over there too. As for why so long well since im in a rut i have decide that immersion myself into something would help me get out it. I figure it will take me at lest 3 months to learn the language at the very lest.

Breaking it down, being able to write and talk it etc. Still like i said i dont know much about where i could stay or see etc. For instance: i know they have 4 festivals one in each season but beyond that i dont know much. I also want to drink the Japanese traditional drink i think it called sake. Also want to drink sake in the hotspring too………well maybe not i might drown… beyond that i want to test my automated business system while im doing other things. I know there more i should ask but im at a lost as too what they are.