My Life as a Business man

my life as a business man has not always been smooth nor fun but it the end im glad that i choice this path the path of unlimited potential.

here is a history of my business learning:

mowing lawns: dont let anyone tell you it not business related because you are the owner and the people you mow for are your clients.

Year: ?

6 figure income: my first real business but something i did not understand and it fell through


part time job


ebay: i really liked ebay because you could seel fast and that was that

year: 94?

7 figure income again: no progress there\

year: ?

my own online family dollar store: not understanding anything about list doomed that one


my own travel site: again done in by my lack of list building


hey look ebay again: this time with a better plan in this incarnation i sold ipods and ps3 that how i got my iphone then it closed because i could not get the items and good prices. Also failed because i did not automate away from me

year 2005 to 2006

which brings me too 2009: current business model build a niche and sell a product based on niche then automate away from me what i need

that about it but as you can see for about the past 15 years? i had some sort of business or other


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