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secret hotsprings


“Brother where are you at” where is that voice coming from. My hand was vibrating very hard to see the hand “So this is a dream.”

I’ve always had a ability if that what you want to call it to know and do things that several people can not do. Can those people do it yes is my guess maybe because it not always a good thing that they don’t.

The dream faded to be replace by a alarm of some sort the room came into view. I started to stretch something soft on both sides of me moaned as i touch it.

No it could not be i turned my head to the right then the left. Two women where smiling at me “Hello sleepy head” the blonde said.

Hmm Chris and sally are in my bed….. “What the hell” my head slammed into the floor both women looked over the edge of the bed smiling.

“What you are doing in my bed” “Silly have you forgot we are going to the hotspring today.” “Will he be alright?” ash brown hair belong to Chris “Yea” the blonde was walking out the door. “Come on Jake we are leaving.” “Sigh, what im i getting myself into”

The dream was still there as i was getting ready to go, that sometimes happen if what im feeling is not really a dream per say but a connection with something.

In this case someone looking for her bother it seems, a huge demon appeared before “Ekkk.” Wait that not a demon it June a red head with the body, brains and temperament to match and she looked pissed.

“What did you not invite me” she started pouting “Huh?” she pushed her breast in my face “These are not good enough for you.” “Huh?” she was on the verge of crying “Yes they are nice breast” She smiled burying my head in her breast.

She left “ man you got it going on today Jake” Ted was smiling “Huh?” “don’t worry about it lets get going.”


the hotspring was in what looked to be a old town but something did not add up. for starters who hides a town between a mountain and a swamp, Also why are we the only ones on the bus hmm it just odd.

“Well Jake you just going to sit there with that blank stare or you going to get out?” The village lay someone sprawled out huh the killer T shop out here? Ok that makes no sense usually you find them in the city.

In fact there are several people here dress very nice what is going on. Suddenly the blonde was in my face “what” she pouted “No that will not work” even know she looked hot like that.

“What do you mean what” the rest of them where looking at me i sighed closing my eyes. “Ok im waiting for the punch line here, im guessing i have to do a job or something?”

i open my eyes everyone was gone and a creeping fog slowly was moving along the ground. See this is why i don’t go with them now what have they got me into.

“Help me brother” huh “bro….” where is that coming from that playground over there? The fog thicken to swirl around me it had a sick feeling to it. I feel like i have been here before but when and where i don’t have i have been at this hot-springs before.

That it was i not dreaming about this earlier it almost the same thing so this is what was calling me. This girl maybe but still hard to tell well at lest it sounds like a little girl

Now i just need to figure out why she here and what i can do about it if anything, but where is she this fog is like pea soup.


the fog cleared a little girl was sitting on the swing that not creepy nope not at all. Of course the old school Victorian clothing did not help the creep feeling either.

“hey little one” she did not move “what is your name?” a giggle seem to come from the girl but hard to tell. “Your funny mister” she was gone i whirl around to see where voice was coming from.

There she was holding a red balloon she seemed to exist in a different place than im use too. Yet i felt no i know that she is not happy a deep sadness seem to creepy along the ground.

Maybe that what this fog is her sadness “That right mister” suddenly she was right in front of me her deep dark eyes seems to pull me in.

Darkness was all around me as i was falling someone seem to screaming at the top of there lungs but who is it. “Jake” who is calling my name “Jake wa.. up” The room came spindling slamming into view Chris she was looking at me like her puppy died or something.

“What happen?” The man in a white doctors uniform looked up from his notes. “Well it seems you passed out, some times that happens to people when they come here.”

“I see was that just a dream?” Chris was looking at me “It was nothing i just had a dream about a little girl is all.” The doctor leaned forward he reaches into his desk pulling out what appears to be a picture.

“is this her?” A old black and white picture of a small girl in Victorian clothing. “Yep that is her?” “She was a patient at this hot-spring when she was alive.

“She died shortly after coming here her last words where, where is my bother.”


MAKE A LIST OF EVERYTHING YOU DO EVERY DAY THAT INVOLVES USING YOUR NATIVE LANGUAGE IN SOME WAY (Watching TV, reading instructions on video games or your phone, reading a cookery book, listening to music, website and computer Interfaces, reading a newspaper, chess/yoga/dance etc.)

Make the list as exhaustive as possible.

Watching tv

reading instructions on video games


listening to music

website and computer Interfaces

reading a newspaper

not sure what else yet

My Defined Language Projects are

My Defined Language Projects are:

To be able to watch a movie/show/anime etc in complete Japanese with no subtitles with-in 3 months. At the same time be able to tell other in detail what is going on screen.

To be able to watch a music etc in complete Japanese with no subtitles with-in 6 months. At the same time be able to tell other in detail what is going on screen.

To be able to hold a conversion with any Japanese person without having to ask about a word within 30 seconds of the conversion. Time line for this will be around 6 months too 9 months in which case i should be in japan.

Going to japan any advice, help, know someone there etc.

Kyoto Japan (mainly because it has so many other great places near by and is a modern city.) im basic going to japan because im in a rut here. I personal like how they tie history/modern together to form something else altogether. It does not hurt they have plenty of training places in japan either. Now besides knowing a little of the history of japan, ninjas, samurai, history of some other there supernatural stuff.

I don’t know a lot about the present day japan well a few things. For instance what is a good hot springs to visit, since im planing on staying for at lest 4 to 6 months or longer is there any place i should stay out for a long time. Is there anything i should know before going, im looking for people to meet over there too. As for why so long well since im in a rut i have decide that immersion myself into something would help me get out it. I figure it will take me at lest 3 months to learn the language at the very lest.

Breaking it down, being able to write and talk it etc. Still like i said i dont know much about where i could stay or see etc. For instance: i know they have 4 festivals one in each season but beyond that i dont know much. I also want to drink the Japanese traditional drink i think it called sake. Also want to drink sake in the hotspring too………well maybe not i might drown… beyond that i want to test my automated business system while im doing other things. I know there more i should ask but im at a lost as too what they are.

The Ninja Inn

this is my first time trying to right a funny story

1 The ryokan inn was just like the traditional inn in japan should look like. “There he is” the voice said, “yes he does look hot” “Wait he is coming this way quite.”

“oh no he tripped” the side paneling came crashing down. Four very long legs where in front of him, he briefly seen two sets of blue silk panty’s.

They looked to be in a state of panic, he shot straight up the women froze in place. “YOU must be other guest im sorry I must of scared you.” the two woman run off leaving the man puzzled.

“Where sorry Chūnin” the female Chunin was a red eyed silver haired woman. “Let me get this straight a man trips and some how tearing down your hiding spot that sounds odd.”

“Where is he at now” another ninja was looking at the sheet. “The hot springs at the moment” they started moving to the hot-spring.

The hot spring was nice and quite, odd there is no one else around oh well very steamy too. “Ah very nice” that was kind of odd the women going running off I wonder why. Ahh now im getting dizzy need to hold on too something.

2 what is that, why is it moving huh that odd was there not a wall there a second ago. Hey there are some woman there…wait what are they doing here.

“WHAT!” they freeze up, “Im sorry im I in the wrong bath?” the red eyed woman bowed down to where my face and her face almost touch “Interesting” they walk off.

“what was that all about” he sakes his head. “is there something wrong with this place.” “he still in the hotspring lady” chuin smiled “he very interesting” “wait he gone” the spotter called out.

The women gathered at the room “get ready to rush room” the lights suddenly go out they rush in. The old woman surveyed the madness “what the hell is going on here” several ninja lady’s where wondering around with a dazed look on there face.

What the heck happen here to all my girl’s “he to powerfully.” the girl was laying there “Im sorry he just so fast” the old picked her head up “Who” but the girl was already gone.

Dragon hand


the soft morning mist whirl around the tree’s yet the forest was very quite. This is far from what the city is like totally different yet strangely the same of course that don’t make much sense I guess.

“So where is this special hidden Ryokan at” it not like it would be special and hidden if it was on the side of the road but still.

“Noooooo” what was that, was that a woman’s voice “I said no” she was there in the clearing something was with her like a blue fox of some sort a huge one.

Well whatever it is she is in trouble better hurry, the young woman open her eye’s. A man was battling with the fox but where did he come from. this creature is powerfully can not hold on much longer. Vision getting blurry but I will save her.

“Hurry up bring the herbs” there is movement somewhere. “when we found her he was already battling the fox with his hands.” more movement “Don’t move we will take care of you” darkness envelopes me.

It seems dark now, where the heck im I anyways ouch, ouch of that right that battle but what happen. Who ever put these bandage on seem to do a very good job.


Ouch still hurts to move, hmm a temple huh odd place wait is that electric lights hmm no i’ve never seen blue flames. There’s a kimono on the floor all folded up did they know I was going to be up I doubt it.

“So is he up yet” a woman voice carried through the wind. The light shone through the door well there must be someone there. A slender woman set behind the fire pit a older man was in front both seem to be wearing western style clothing.

Someone is behind me the sudden gust slams me through the door. Head is spinning the sword is slicing down in slow motion. “Stop Ann, that man you just attacked is the one that saved your sister.”

“This man was spying on you” the young woman stood over me with some sort of weapon to my throat. the young woman that was siting next to the fire was siming “Tell me would you not spy a little if you suddenly awoke to find yourself in a strange place.”

the older man eyes focused on the young woman and she put down the sword a hand appeared reaching toward me. “Im sorry but Ann can be a bit reckless at times.” the old man lifted me up with barley a strain, not sure what is going on but “No that ok it my fault.”


“so I guess you are wondering where here is” they both are watching me closely. “Well I’m thinking it might be the special hidden Ryokan?”

“Actually that one of the services we offer here, you where sent by the old woman right?” there seems to be movement outside “Yes, she was umm how should I put this a little odd.”

“HA,HA” he smiled “Yes you could say that” a woman appeared. “Please take….” he looks at the paper “David to his room.” the young woman simile “You like him dont you” was the old man’s only replay.

“well lets just see if notices what is going on”

What is the difference between destiny and fate?


One two the pedals go up and down there was a man behind me. Although I can not recall his face, a sweet voice singing but who are they.

The ceiling looks like it always does yet that dream why can I not remember who they where. Where they my family, my family…… “Well I better get to class, what im I laying around here for.”

What a amazing place the university is all sort of people here. “Ted wait up” a young woman comes sprinting up to me “geez would it kill you to slow down I mean come on.” “Clare what are you doing here?” her sleek body looked up at me those eye’s seem to ask…no I must be imaging that.

“Oh ted your such a kidder where walking to school are we not” I better say yes or I might end up on the floor again. “Yes ok” what is this feeling like im being watched but nothing seems out of place.

There is that odd statue there not even sure why there is a statue of a man holding a book for and the book itself is unnamed.


Nothing odd about the forest to the west of the statue either. It also seems that the university is ok as well so what in the hell is this feeling im getting right now.

“Ted oh ted you there” Clare smiling face appeared “Yea im fine.” “umm Clare you did not feel anything right now did you?” “No why?” she looks concerned “Come on you there is the door to the building.”

She litter pulled me along, wait there it is again no this is different but where. UP the rock it going to hit that girl “Hey watch out” almost there darkness seems to sweep over me but she looks like she is alright.

“Ted, ted quick someone get the doctor” what wrong Clare. “Look at the blood this could be bad” Huh what where is everyone going.

“Could he be one” something passes over me “Maybe to hard to tell but he has a faint aura about him.” the room swam into focus but no sign of the two voices, huh im I at the nurses station but this place looks odd.

Wait this is not the nurses station lets see stain-glass window check, wall of books check, giant teddy bear check, chair check, door check.


Wait giant teddy bear… gone I know I saw one oh well lets see ouch ouch my head. So where the heck Im I, wait why are my legs so weak they look ok.

Must be the blood lost the wood feels cold under my touch of the window frame. Wait it night already lets see that would mean Shit i’ve been out that long that bad so that makes it 6 or 7 hours since the accident then.

“If your wondering” the wispier over took me whirling he came into view standing in the door there looking at me. “You seem to be in good shape considering what you been through, even being up now is pretty interesting.”

“Im sorry have we meet…” he sifted his glasses “First can you tell me your name?” his eyes shifted towards me “Yes Ted.” he smiled “Good and your last name?”

“Shield” why does he not look familiar “your probable wondering why I don’t look familiar.” What the hell is he a mind reader “No im not a mind reader” “What the hell then why you reading my mind for.”

“Ha Ha” the simile seems to be real “she said you where interesting.” he studied me for a moment his blueish eyes where warm one minute cold the next. “Btw did you notice something odd about the room.”


how did he know “i see btw that flicker of shock that you did see something.” “So what did you see” he turns and heads out the door. “I seen what I though was a huge teddy bear?” he never slowed “I see, very interesting.”

I had about all I can stand from this snug bastard “So your thinking I bet what a snug bastard I am right about now.” What the hell is up with this guy he can so to read minds “Can not.”

Come to think of it where im I at this is the school yet very different at the same time. Maybe this is the private area I heard so much about.

“Ahh we are here” he stood aside “well go on” the door slowly opened. Clare was seated in a chair along with several other including that girl from this morning.

A tall blonde woman approaches “well, well you do look interesting.” she licks her lips “Umm” she puts her finger to my lips. “Not bad even know that not your full power but resting power.”

“umm thanks?” a man raises up out of the chair hmm I have seen him somewhere before. “I guess your wondering why your here?” hmm why can I not place him “Yes I guess” they all laughed.


“Did I say something funny?” he looked me over “Clare said you are a strange one.” “Clare huh what do you mean Clare said?” she looked away “Clare works for us” he frown “I know it is a lot to take in at once.”

“What is going on?” he smiled “Welcome to magic central” “Ha-ha” my sides started to hurt “Oh you got me good, this is a senior prank is it?”

Wait none of them where laughing “WHAT, your for real!!” the woman from earlier smiled “I like him a lot” I slumpped over “Wait but what does that mean?”

“That means you have a lot of things to learn” he motions to another student. “Sam can you show, ted around plz” he got up “OK” “Follow me” he heads out the door.

“Ted, umm” I turned towards the voice, Clare was standing there uncertain of what to say. I turn back “Meh, dont worry about it you had your reasons”


By Steve Ward

He stood transfixed. Cold sweat ran down his cheek but it was not from the heat. It was the same force that froze his legs in place. The cold truth that he was dead and the creature in front of him, with the long dagger like attachments on it’s shoulders and the frozen blood red glowing eyes, each seeming to burn with deep hunger, was his killer. Slowly it filled his vision as a scream came from somewhere else. Then he realized it was him.

He stared at the ceiling. With it’s organic shape and feel, it was the same dream every night. The dream. How long has it been since that night? “Too late for regrets, bzald. What’s done is done.” Although that did not help the burning feeling he had every day, a reminder of what he once did.

He even thought about traveling back in time to that day but he realized that even that would change nothing, just cause a splinter reality to form.

A bright green glow blanketed the room as the black orb came to life. Which was what it was, of sorts, a life. Something else that came from that day. He leaned forward, head resting on his fist.

“Show me.”

A vision filled the room. A battle, like so many going on, heroes and villains fighting each other. Then he noticed who was fighting. Tropic, Valya and WillowWind in a pitched battle against several wolves that seemed to be winning.

bzald paused. “Wolves winning against those three?” He first thought it was a joke, then he saw Valya go down and not get back up. Or teleport out of there.

He shifted his focus outside of his place and instantly he was there. The night air seemed charged. He sensed something was wrong and streaked towards the battle.

He was not alone. A set of eyes watched him leave. “He is on his way. All points, he is on his way. Be ready.”

WillowWind dodged yet another barrage from the closest wolf and blasted him full on in the face. The wolf was knocked back a couple of feet and he growled at her. It’s deep ember eyes were set on her, which seemed impossible because with that much power she should have melted the wolf.

“What is going on?” She kept her eyes on the wolf. As she glanced to the left at Tropic, who at the moment, was blasting a wolf as well and Valya who was near death between them, barely standing. And none of them could teleport out.

Just then a bright burst of light signaled his entering. The red cloak and glowing red eyes. Although Willow did not know Bzald long she knew he could be counted on in a fight. But he seemed at times wrapped in a cloak of sadness. And though she chose not to pry she wished he would talk about it sometimes.

She then noticed that the wolves who were ready to pounce on her had stopped. She was glad and worried that they quit.

Then a strange person covered in what looked like some sort of organic living suit stepped out from the side room. “Well, bzzzzald, so glad you could make it. The Spider said you would show. They know what happened and cannot wait to add you to the fold, bzzzzald. Your handiwork on that day is just what the Spider is looking for. I see the looks on the faces of your Supergroup allies. You have not told them. May I tell them then?”

Willow looked at Bzald as Tropic joined her. His eyes glowed an even deeper red as he pointed towards that creature. “You will tell them nothing!”

The creature’s face, even though it was blank or all features, seemed to frown. Then a booming laughter came from that creature which made the wolves cringe. “I see. Does not matter anyways, I have delivered the message.”

He then backed away into the shadows with the wolves and vanished.

Willow turned towards bzald. “What was that about?”

He slowly turned to her. She backed up a little as did Tropic. Such sadness in those eyes. And anger.

“Nothing. You better get Valya to the hospital.” Before she could argue, he vanished.

Sweat rolled down her chest, her eyes sharply focused on the punching bag. The blood stain did not faze her.

She had slept little in the past week. Of course the nightmares of blood stained claws and hairy arms reaching, grabbing her friends and dragging them away did not help. All she could seem to do was look on, frozen in one spot, never fast enough, strong enough to help them. She is the best, not even an Arch-Villain could stand up to her. But those wolves…

To her friends and enemies alike she was simply known as Valya. The punching bag imbedded itself in the wall. “Damn, need a new punching bag.” She had to grow stronger before she faced her nightmare in wolf form.

Her tired eyes scanned the public records. Even her neck hurt from the constant staring at the huge wall monitor. She was looking for any event the names Spider or Bzald were involved in.

So much was not known about him; even teaming with him he remained quiet and usually left after the battle, back to his tower. The three of them don’t talk much about that night. She, Tropic and Valya were trapped by demons in werewolf clothing, unstoppable, unrelenting to the point of focused rage. Then Bzald appeared after Valya went down. “It seems he knew we were in trouble and then ‘it’ stepped out of the shadows and seemed to be glad Bzald was there.”

Who or what he was and what did he want with Bzald seemed to have hit Valya the hardest. She trained non-stop now. There were also the rumors going around, some asking “Is Bzald in trouble?”. Other voices, some from the super group Top Ten, “Did Bzald set the whole thing up?” and others “How could he teleport in when they could not get out?”

She did not have answers nor was she close to one when a soft touch broke her from her trance.

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to make you jump ten feet.” The gold and black threads that showed his Top Ten colors seemed too bright at the moment.

She saw his mouth move but no sound seemed to come out of it. “Sorry, hon, what did you just say?”

The corners of his mouth went down under the black fabric. “Sorry, WillowWind, didn’t mean to bother you.. You seem so wrapped up in your thoughts I wasn’t sure if I wanted to bother you.” Kunai paused as he scanned the screen. “I see. Have you found anything that will help or hurt him, hon?” He averted his eyes as she stared at him.

“What do you mean? Do you think he is guilty of something?”

He put up his hands. “No, no. I’m sure it’s nothing.” The pause seemed to take too long. “Well, how come he was able to teleport in when you were not able to leave? Also, what about the wolves? They just stopped when he appeared. Then this guy that the cameras recorded, who is he? He seemed way too friendly with Bzald.”

It was her turn to avert her eyes. “I know. But if you had seen his eyes…his eyes…”

She was tired, Kunai knew. “Hey, you go get some rest while I take over.” She slowly walked out the door. “Poor Willow. She doesn’t even know she got up.” What about Bzald? Did he even care about all Willow and the others were doing? “Well, if it’s here, I will find it,” although only the walls listened as he scanned the wall monitor. He wondered how Tropic and NoVak were doing. They had been checking on a lead for about five hours now.

The monster stood at least three feet taller than the other Freaks there. It’s hulking frame towered over them as they ran interference for him. The mass of rock did not care.

NoVak looked down at the huge Freak. “Well, Tank, now do you have anything to tell me or should I take it personally.”

The Freak’s eyes narrowed. “Me no know nothing about a Bzald or a black creature.” NoVak prepared his next attack. “Wait! Wait! I remember! A little while back we were paid by a man in black to attack Bzald! That all I know, I swear!” NoVak walked away from the fallen tank.

“So, what did your friend say”

He craned his neck up. Tropic hovered there. “He said that someone paid them to attack Bzald,” he drawled.

“Yes, that was the thing the council said too.”

“Then we better keep looking,” as Tropic shot toward a place called Dark Astoria.

Storm Part Three: Memories

The deluge continued outside. The figure moved his gloved hands over the open mouth of the dragon armrest and continued to follow it up one side and down the other. The black obelisk on the outside hid the truth about what was inside, which could be anything he choose it to be: a desert, an ocean, etc.

Right now it was a command center. His chair was the center of what was going on as several clones and phantasms watched over and worked several dials and controls.

The crimson eyes focused hard on the wide holoscreen in front of him, glued to the screen watching women and children playing in a park. Another screen showed a current battle with Hamidon and another showing a battle of Top Ten fighting an Arch-Villain.

Kunai slowly crept along the wall watching Bzald. A phantasm walked past him and handed something to Bzald.

Kunai slid around the corner. “So, Kunai, are you having fun in my place?” He swirled on his heels, weapons at the ready. Bzald leaned against the wall. Kunai looked back to the console where Bzald had been sitting but saw no one.

“So, Kunai, what brings you here to check up on my place?” His eyes glowed a deeper red. “Well, it doesn’t matter. I might as well invite the rest in. This rain is not good for them, not good at all.”

The last comment brought Kunai to study his face. From what little he could see, the red eyes seemed to dim and soften into a sad stare. A small group of heroes entered the room.

WillowWind stared hard at the face of Bzald as the others looked around the room. Tropic noticed that the room seemed to change as they walked towards where Bzald sat with one blood red glove holding his head up.

Miyaka danced around in a very tight fitting cloth-like material that looked like latex but seemed to allow the material to breathe.

Next through the door was Lord Nikon and Tiger. Lord watched WillowWind closely. After hearing what happened he figured she may end up decking him.

Tropic had been on this plane of sentience for a ling time now and had known of the being Bzald for a while as he was sure he knew Tropic was around as well.

After they had seen what Bzald seemed to fear, fears that seemed to seek him out and hang on to him like a cloud. You could see it in his eyes.

Bzald’s eyes regained focus. “I guess you are here to ask why or what happened.” His head shook from side to side. “It was raining that day, too.”

WillowWind’s eyes seemed to soften. “You cold of told us what happened.”
He stood up then, his eyes ablaze. “How could I cause so much pain, so much sorrow? I killed without pause.”

She flinched backwards almost stumbling into Miyaka.

He slumped back into his chair. Tropic watched him closely. “So, Bzald, what happened? She would not tell us much.”

“Yeah, she’s a lot like that, you know.” By that time everyone was sitting. “Ah, a story,” Miyaka smiled.

He seemed to think deeply. “It started out easy, the truck jumped up and down over the pothole ridden road as the seven of us were riding in the back.

“Everyone wore the same suit, all that you can tell is that they could be male or female. ‘OK, people, we are approaching the target area. As you know, this is a clandestine job,’ she paused.

“The person across from me wore all black from head to toe and was of average build; could be a scrapper. ‘You will not give your real or superhero names to anyone here, so think of it as a super secret id.’ The suit reflected her sense of humor.

” ‘So we are the Red Spiders Group. The being in front of you is your partner, each group will cover a different part of the village that we are going to’

“We headed to the area of the village we were supposed to investigate. As we crested the hill the village was covered in a deep, eerie green fog.

” ‘ Well, that must be the target there.’ I looked at where he pointed. A bright green came from the center of town.

” ‘Look.’ My hand swept around the top left of the village. We could see several forms moving and could hear shouts.

“We were approaching the city limits. A shambling form moved out from the corner of one of the buildings. The dark form suddenly rushed towards us, it’s red eyes burning with bloodlust.

“My partner sped forward knocking the creature to the ground as he hit the creature with the device that we were given as per our use of no super powers at all.

“The creature slumped next to the wooden fern covered wall. ‘Leave the body alone. Let’s keep moving.’ My buddy looked at me. ‘You’re right, let’s keep looking. How far until we reach target?’

“The device came to life at my side. A map appeared near my left eye. ‘At least 20 more minutes.’ We kept moving from house to house. He paused, held up his hand. I stopped. We both rested on our sides of the wall.

“To the right we could hear several heroes talking about the area and how they did not know what the thing was in the middle.

“We kept moving. The fog seemed to crawl and cling to everything it touched as if it wanted whatever it could find.

“We approached an opening but something was very wrong. Several heroes were down, not moving, and some of our group were there as well.

“Then we noticed the artifact in the middle of the plaza. The deep fog melted into the blood on the floor, the shambling feet, the blasts and the fist of the heroes as they fought the creatures.

“Suddenly the rain started pouring down upon the mangled limbs, the twisted bodies, upon the heroes who’s eyes turned red as they turned on their fellow heroes.

“As more heroes came blasting in to help the others, the rain did not care and, at that moment, neither did I.

“We closed on the artifact. I studied it as we approached. A deep, huge, green crystal seemed to be set in a deep, dark cradle-like device about twice the size as a normal human. Where did it come from?

“It seemed to call us as we approached, offered us power and other things. It was a deep intoxicating feeling.

“I looked over. The other person was no longer a person but a red haze that I must eat. ‘Wait! What…?’ ‘You will eat eat eat them all’

“A flash, my hand slamming into another red form and drawing it’s essence into me.

“Another flash. ‘Yes, eat eat.’ I see another red form screaming as I jumped down upon it.

“I awoke. The dreams, the blood, carnage, laughing skulls attached to skin or…something. I heard something then. I noticed the bed. The room was a blend of magic and tech.

“It seemed to have everything in the world in it; prison crystals that kept people from hurting themselves to tech to scan the brain.

” ‘Where…I’m…I at?’ Whose voice was that? ‘Ah, I see you’re awake. I was afraid that we might have lost you.’

“She stood about five to six feet. ‘My name is Azuria. I see that you’re still not yet fully recovered, give it time. You will notice that your body has changed.’

“She was right. The black body armor that I had on before had changed to blood red organic-like armor.

” ‘We don’t yet know why, except that maybe it had something to do with that artifact.’

“After that I was discharged and I am now the being before you called Bzald.” He looked around at them.

“Wow, Miyaka breathed, “so that’s why you didn’t tell us. So, what happened to the artifact?”

“Well…not sure. Amid the confusion it seems that some creature, a different creature, came and got the artifact.”

Bzald studied the room and everyone in it. He noticed that some were watching him closely. He could not blame them…could not blame them at all. “I now suspect that the group that we were part of, the ones who hired us, was a group called Anachnos. As for the artifact, I believe that the one it belongs to is a creature of great power that came back for it, but I’m not sure.”

Bzald focused for a second and a view of the Nerva Archipelago sprang up. “As you may have noticed, this is Nerva Archipelago. The top northwest area is where the temples are on the island. I now believe that is where I may find some answers to my problems.”

“I see.” Tropic was smiling. “You know that that area was just now opened to us?”

Lord stood up. “Well, Bzald, I believe that there is where we should go then.” Everyone nodded their heads as they headed out the door.



The ghostly presence filled the hallway it icy presence filled the room. A soft sobbing echoed off the walls “I’m scared big brother help me” then it was gone.

The young man knew this was a dream he dreamed this dream several times before well since he had come to japan to study.

The dream is always the same a voice mummers in the background fog on the ground. A old shrine seems to appear and yet it seems to stray out of focus.

The soft mummer turns into sobbing from a little girl yet no matter where i look she not there. I travel deeper into the shrine the shrine has seen better days rotten wood every where i look it almost seem in decay.

Suddenly the sound picks up but where to the right into the temple it seems. Words float by “Help me bother” then fades on the wind a shadow appears is that a little girl.

The young man sit there as if asleep “hmm sounds like a Zashiki-warashi to me”my hand moved towards the chair to support me “Huh what is a Zashiki-warashi anyways.” he looked up “haha, you know for someone who has been here this long you dont know much.

” a Zashiki-warashi is a child , The name breaks down to zashiki, a tatami floored room, and warashi, an archaic regional term for a child. The appearance of this spirit is that of a 5 or 6 year child with bobbed hair and a red face. Zashiki-warashi can be found in well-maintained and preferably large old houses. It is said that once a zashiki-warashi inhabits a house, it brings the


residence great fortune; on the other hand, should a zashiki-warashi depart, the domain soon falls into a steep decline.”

“This sounds like there one and the same although it is odd that she is still there.” “As for the temple the only place i can think of around here is what is referred to as the forgotten temple.”

“Forgotten temple?” his eyes stared at me with slight hint of sharpness. “Yes, although it is one of the oldest temples completes around here, no one is quite sure who built it and for what reason.”

“One of the reasons i came to this town is too learn more about the temple itself.” his eye’s smiled at me as if to say this is going to be fun for me maybe not you.

“So im leading a field trip tomorrow to the temple I think you should come, if nothing else I can use you for bait…..i mean we can go all together.”

Blood flowed down hill as streams of water, the fighting was horrible. There is that sobbing again, “what is the matter” nothing “where are you at” nothing I dont get it why will she not answer.

“Lusol” is that the little girls voice no it is different “Lusol, wake up.” he sees a smile that looks worried “Lusol, wake up” he shoots up “Who” “what” everything is blurry with sudden focus the young woman comes into view.

“Ahh your awake Lusol we where starting to get worried” he could see several of the club members looking at him. “im sorry I hope I was not trouble.”


The young woman flashed a worry looked that faded into a soothing embrace. “Was you having a bad dream” she looked at me intently with those deep eyes of her’s. “No, no nothing to bad” her eyes changed just a little maybe she thinks I dont trust her. Well maybe it better that way for now.

This group that he is leading is a odd bunch the young girl I meet early seems to watch me closely at times. Not with bad intent but a strange concern for my well being.

What they are wearing is odd as well the young girl is wearing a tradenical priestess in this area would wear but why.

Then there is the older man he wearing some sort of outfit it looks like a regular someone someone would wear but I dont know something is odd.

“So Lusol, have you figured it out yet” the hairs on my neck are trying to crawl off my head. Having a heart-attack out here would not be a good thing.

“WHAT in the hell you trying to do give me a heart-attack” he throws his hands up in the air. Then he points to the young girl “She could give you mouth to mouth” the young girl turns sharp away.

Then he was laying on the ground I shuddered who or what could of done this. “Umm what happen” he pointed a finger that when I seen the older woman wiping her hands. “oh what happen silver” the strange woman said as she was smiling after that nothing else happen until we made camp.

“Drip” what is that water “Drip” there it is again “Brother save me.” the forest snap into focus “Hey guys” no answer come to think of it where im I.


Wait where is the camp out heck where is everyone “Brother help me” softly into my ear. Whirling around nothing there yet I know I felt a presence there.

The fog parted just a little in the forest and there was the temple just like the one in my dreams it seems old and run down. So the little girl is some where’s in there I wonder where the others are?

Is this really fog how could it be it so thick something is odd here. The railing crumbles to dust there is that odd feeling again wind slams through me slamming me into the tree behind me.

There is that feeling again a creeping dread something is out there I can feel it blood lust. “ Lusol” wait behind me nothing there or is it.

There it is the pebble rest well in the palm but can I hit anything in here. “ Lusol” now the pebble disappeared into the pea soup “Ouch, hey” huh that was human she stumbled out from the fog wait it that girl.

She falls to the ground “Shit” “Hey you ok sorry about” her deep eyes slowly open. “Ah good your awake” she steady focus on my face and jumps away. “Im sorry did I do something wrong” her face was red “No, no im ok”

That sensation again but where to are right “Watch out” she was below me something slams into me. Then darkness and a young voice screaming suddenly the temple comes into view with something above me.

The blackness swirl around us the girl chanting something